#ShortPuts #CoveredCalls – A good day in this one. Trying again tomorrow a couple strikes higher after the call roll.

Rolled SPY MAR 30 2020 255.0 Call to MAR 31 2020 257.0 Call @ .20 credit

Bought to Close SPY MAR 30 2020 255.0 Puts @ .10 (sold for 2.25)
Sold SPY MAR 31 2020 257.0 Puts @ 2.15

GLD iron condor

Sold $GLD May 15 138/143/163/168 iron condor for 1.66

VIAC Covered Call

Sold VIAC Apr 03 2020 16 Calls at $0.08

SPY TQQQ Sell Calls / MSFT Sell Put / ZM Ends

$SPY STO 3/30 262 call at .79
$TQQQ STO 4/3 53 call at 1.85. Covered by Long LEAPS (Wish I could still leap long);-)

$MSFT STO 4/3 150 put at 2.45

$ZM BTC 4/3 133 call at 25.42. STO at 11.90. This was culmination of rolling this covered call since 10/18. Ended up with a 45 per share gain. I’d give it up if covid-19 would go away. But thanks to all who taught me to roll with the crunches. Appreciate you all very much

#coveredcalls #shortputs #shortstraddle SLB Following…

#coveredcalls #shortputs #shortstraddle SLB NUGT

SLB Following Iceman, bought April 3, 13 covered call for 12.32, added an April 3, 13 short put for .68
NUGT Bought April 3, 8 covered call for 7.23

#vxxgame SVXY Following Jeff from…

#vxxgame SVXY

Following Jeff from last week, bought Jan. 2021, 35 call for 3.85.

“Cyber Surprise!”

After at least a year my Safari OB post window reopened!? Jeff suggested using Google browser which is now running in the background, who knows how this happened? Anyhow good to be back.

ABT announced FDA approval to release coronavirus 5 min test instrument after Friday’s close. Opened up 11% today. No trade placed, could do cc or call vertical. Divy .36/sh/qtr

XOP 4:1 reverse split on account shares trading under $10, BTC 24Apr 6 put @ .55, STO Mar 27 @ .29. Will look open new trade tomorrow when options reset.