#fallingknife Couldn’t resist selling MSFT…

Couldn’t resist selling MSFT Apr 3 105 puts for 1.35….will be much higher in the morning it looks like.



There certainly doesn’t seem to be any on the daily chart–moving averages, areas of prior support, pivot points, etc. Looking at the weekly chart, the low from the Q4 2018 mini-bear was 2,351.10 on Christmas Eve. If you think looking at that low is relevant 15 months later, that’s only around 166 points lower than where are are now. Another day like the down days we’ve had the last couple of weeks and we’re there.

VIX close, 4th highest since 1987

The VIX closed higher 3 times in Oct/Nov 2008 (highest close 80.86)
It closed higher 7 times in Oct/Nov 1987 (highest close 150.19)

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX March 13th 2175/2200-2750/2775 condors for 2.50. IV: 101.18%, SPX 2544, deltas -.05, +.07. (has shifted back to 06/06 since it filled). Width: 550.

Today’s drop in SPX was about 8%. These strikes are -13.0% and +8.3% OTM, and I got the highest premium I’ve ever gotten.


The $DRIP March 20th 980 strike is going for 150.00. It expires in 6 trading days. Should I buy it or sell it?

#shortputs HTZ Bottom feeding Sold…

#shortputs HTZ

Bottom feeding Sold April 17, 4 put for .50.

TQQQ starter

#LongLEAPs Bought to open $TQQQ Jan 2021 90 calls for 4.00. Will add as price drops.