$GOOGL earnings beat

Beats on top and bottom line, showing an impressive amount of Googliness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGKNdqvnxPQ

Be that as it may, I’ll be looking to short/sell calls against a big gap up tomorrow morning, providing the opportunity presents itself.

Hot Wheels and Barbie

An earnings trade. Selling puts below the recent Jan 20 low in the stock. Cost basis of 22.60 if assigned. Strike is 14% out of the money.

Sold $MAT Feb 19 23 puts @ .40


UVXY puts

#VXXGame It’s looking more and more like this could be a bull run for many days, but I will still play for a reversal to the downside until key VIX levels start breaking

STO $UVXY Feb 26th 28 puts for 1.15

TradeKing is TradePeasant today!

Anyone use TradeKing? I have had no problems until this weekend when they decided to upgrade their servers, etc. It was down all weekend so couldn’t check anything. Today, sometimes up and mostly down. Can’t place any online trades. Ouch.
Any suggestions? Am looking at TDAmeritrade with account via TastyTrade. Still will pay more costs than TradeKing, but it may be worth it for the extras you get.

KOLD calls

#ContangoETFs STO KOLD Feb 19th 215 call for 1.80 (thanks @Ramie)
STO KOLD May 20th 300 call for 4.40

$CMG #ShortPuts #EarningsTrade – sold…

$CMG #ShortPuts #EarningsTrade – sold these replacing the options that expired last Friday. Stock is at 470.

Earnings reports tomorrow AMC. Q4 2015 Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc Earnings Estimate: $2.08

Sold 1 CMG Feb 05 2016 397.5 Put @ 2.50
Sold 1 CMG Feb 05 2016 400.0 Put @ 2.70
Sold 1 CMG Feb 05 2016 402.5 Put @ 2.90

Stone KOLD Crazy

Up over 20 today. Throwing one out there for Feb, strike 55 points out of the money.
Sold $KOLD Feb 19 215 call @ 1.80.

$BIDU #ironcondor I have had…

$BIDU #ironcondor I have had a Feb 5. 160/155/180/185 iron condor, the 160 has been violated so I closed the puts, I’ll come out just under even.

$CMG #ShortPuts – Bought to…

$CMG #ShortPuts – Bought to close 1 CMG Feb 05 2016 300.0 Put @ 0.05. Sold last Wednesday @ 1.10

SPX same-week spread

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Feb 5th 1860/1835 puts for 1.25. Adding a 1980/2005 call side on the next swing up. Following Addy on this trade. This can get into trouble fast if we have strong moves this week, so have to watch closely.