UVXY scalp

#VXXGame STO $UVXY March 4th 50 calls for .47

NOTE: UVXY and SVXY options are tradeable until 4:15et each day, so you can still sell these.

…another put spread in the wall

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX April 1st 1735/1710 put spreads for 1.25, with SPX at 1937.

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX March 11th 1840/1815 put spreads for 1.70, with SPX at 1937. Trying to sell another spread but chasing the bounce.

$AZO Finally got a fill…

$AZO Finally got a fill on @jeffcp66 ‘s iron condor isea with AZO for 1.45 850/860/720/710
$EOG followed @ramie77 into EOG April 15 60/55 BuPS for 1.09
Thanks guys!

Getting back into EOG

I’ve been out of this name for a couple of months. Today’s move down is an opportunity to sell more puts. The strike price is below the recent low on 1/20.
Sold $EOG Apr 15 55.00 puts @ 1.30 with the stock near 65.

$SPY closed a March 31(quarterly)…

$SPY closed a March 31(quarterly) 182/177 BuPS for 50, sold last week for 100, was always meant to be short term.

More NUGT calls

Sold $NUGT 3/24 80 call @ 3.40. Highest strike in a week where I had no NUGT positions.


$UVXY STC 3/11/16 75.0 CALLS @.17
$ETE STO 3/11/16 7.50 CALLS @.30 Offsets some short puts.
$ETE STO 3/18/16 8.0 CALLS @.40
$ETE STO 3/18/16 6.0 PUTS @.35

$DUST Doesn’t give you an…

$DUST Doesn’t give you an opportunity to roll out, much less down. I guess I’m going to be “Put to”, assigned Friday, and will have to do CC’s until it goes up. My saving grace, is that I have only one option, as it was a “learning while doing” trade. STO 3/4/16 8.0 Put.

$DOW rolled March 11, 50…

$DOW rolled March 11, 50 call to April 15, 50 call for a net positive of .72 and will pick up .42 in dividends.