OK, this is a Fuzzball type of trade.  My account will do best right now if $NUGT stay’s above $40 until at least friday, so to help encourage that:

STO Feb 19 $47 call @ $1.65

I’m on a business trip and very busy during the day so missed the opportunity this morning to sell additional calls at better prices.  Did sell some but not great entry’s.  Apparently $GS put out a note today telling people to sell #Gold, so just in case that continues to ripple through to the miners, I chased a bit and sold more calls than I normally would have with the stock down 20%.  Might get some bounce with better prices, or might just keep going down.

STO Sept $80 call @ $11.40

STO June $75 call @ $7.50

STO Mar 4 $75 calls @ $0.85

STO Mar 11 $75 calls @ $1.45

STO Jun $80 call @ $7.00

$KMI STO 2/26/16 16.50 CALLS…

$KMI STO 2/26/16 16.50 CALLS @.40
$KMI STO 2/26/16 15.0 PUTS @.45 Gotta win one. ;>), Wouldn’t mind owning the stock @14.55.

FOSL earnings

#Earnings Trying a low cost speculative play on this. FOSL usually goes down on earnings, so…

Sold to Open bearish butterfly: Feb 19th 28/32/36 put fly for .83. Volatility should plummet tomorrow; breakevens on Friday are 28.85 (16% down) and 35.18 (2% up). Look to make a double or more if we spend any time in 32.00 area for rest of the week.

$NUGT #ShortPuts #Weeklys – Sold…

$NUGT #ShortPuts #Weeklys – Sold NUGT(Weekly) FEB 26 2016 30.5 Puts @ 0.75.
These expire a week from Friday

$TWTR #coveredcalls Sold March 4…

$TWTR #coveredcalls Sold March 4 18 calls @ .35. Isn’t it about time that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon, Yahoo, Disney and Apple start a bidding war for Twitter? Dream big!

Earnings timing

#Earnings — Just a quick note to share an observation. While volatility typically keeps rising in the weeks and days before earnings, the same is not always true in the hours before the close… If selling naked options or credit spreads, it is often much better to sell in the morning before the release, whether than waiting until afternoon. The problem with selling early is if the stock makes a big intraday move, which can throw off your trade dynamics before the close. But often, an intraday move won’t matter; the drop in IV will overpower a move in the stock.

Take my PCLN trade from this morning, STO Feb 19th 875/900/1275/1300 iron condor for 1.35. Since I traded it, PCLN has moved UP 35 points, or 3%. However, the condor has already bled out. The call side alone was sold for .75 and now is trading for about the same, even though we’ve had a 3% move against the calls. The put side has dropped from .75 to .25.

Just something to keep in mind. I’ve heard some say they that last half-hour before earnings is highest IV. This is normally not true (although it is sometimes). Best IV is most usually in the first half-hour, even on earnings days.

$NUGT #ShortPuts – Sold NUGT…

$NUGT #ShortPuts – Sold NUGT Feb 19 2016 33.0 Puts @ 0.30
Also got a partial fill on some NUGT Feb 19 2016 30.0 Puts @ 0.15

Both expire Friday


GOOGL Iron Condor

STO Feb 19 770/760/680/670 for 0.41 when GOOGL trading about 718.
3 days till expiration.


BTC DUST June 25 call for .40. Sold for 2.15 on Jan 11th
BTC NUGT Feb 26th 37 call for 9.00. Sold for 1.35. I have been scaling down my underwater positions without rolling yet. If we get another surge higher I will look to sell longer dated, higher positions.

$NUGT #ShortCalls – rolled some…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – rolled some of this week’s short call positions out and way, way up. The pressure is off for this week.

Bought to close NUGT FEB 19 2016 40.0 Calls @ 9.64
Sold to open NUGT JUN 17 2016 80.0 Calls @ 9.36 (Highest available strike price).

Bought to close NUGT FEB 19 2016 36.0 Calls @ 12.07
Sold to open NUGT SEP 16 2016 80.0 Calls @ 12.32 (Highest available strike price)