Gold futures are down about $10 since the markets closed @ 4pm.  If that holds up, should see some pull back in $NUGT in the morning.  A lot can change between now and then, but would like to see it pull back $4 or $5 bucks for tomorrow’s Opex.

$NUGT #ShortCalls – hoping to…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – hoping to make back my NUGT losses slowly with small #OptionLadder trades –
Sold 1 NUGT Mar 04 2016 75.0 Call @ 2.05
Sold 1 NUGT Mar 11 2016 75.0 Call @ 2.80
Sold 1 NUGT Mar 24 2016 75.0 Call @ 4.30
All are weekly expirations and all are at the highest available strike price. Pretty decent premiums with the stock twenty points below the strike.

By staying small and spreading out the risk across multiple expirations, only one of these gets in trouble at a time, and this stock is volatile in BOTH directions. The stock was just over 17 a little over a month ago.

STO QQQ BeCS 101.5/103 .70 for tomorrow

STO SPY IBF 192/190/190/188 1.63 for tomorrow

Closing BA

Taking more than 70% max profit on an April position I put on last week. With this market I’m keeping a tight leash on things.
Bought to close $BA Apr 15 90 put @ .53. Sold for 1.95 on 2/11.

$NUGT #ShortCalls #ScalpTrade – Sold…

$NUGT #ShortCalls #ScalpTrade – Sold NUGT Feb 19 2016 60 Calls @ 0.65 with the stock at 54.
These expire tomorrow

SPX roll

#SPXcampaign Although we barely notched above 1930, I am closing my lowest strikes call spread and #Rolling into an iron condor at the next expiration. This is to exit now rather than risk a push up to 1950, making things hairy.
BTC $SPX Feb 29th (monthly) 1950/1975 call spreads for 5.70. Sold for 1.45 on Feb 11th.
STO $SPX March 4th 1975/2000 call spreads for 4.00.
STO $SPX March 4th 1800/1775 put spreads for 1.45 (double position size)

$AMBA As I’ve said in…

$AMBA As I’ve said in the past, I’m under water in AMBA from put spreads gone bad. AMBA went down so far so fast rolling was not possible. I’ve been selling calls and fully intend to make money on this someday, right around the time our country has a balanced budget I suppose. I bought back Feb. 19. 44 calls for .12 that had been sold for 1.00 and sold Feb. 26, 46 calls for .37. I stayed short term because earnings are March 3, maybe catch a run up March 1 or 2 and go out further, maybe get burned. AMBA was over 44 yesterday.