Rolling in-the-money KOLD positions

These trades got executed right before the close.

I have a few deep in the money positions for Feb that I decided to roll today. There’s no real time value left and I didn’t want to get assigned short on a hard to borrow underlying and have to deal with a forced buy-in. So I rolled 3 Feb positions out to May:

Rolled Feb 118 call out to May for 4.07 credit
– BTC Feb 118 call @ 57.19. Sold for 99.65 (part of a previous rollout) on 12/16.
– STO May 118 call @ 61.26
Reduced my loss in this position: booked profit of 42.46; had 86.14 loss to recover, 43.68 remaining

Rolled Feb 115 call out to May for 3.46 credit
– BTC Feb 115 call @ 60.03. Sold for 102.13 (part of a previous rollout) on 12/16
– STO May 115 call @ 63.49
Reduced my loss in this position: booked profit of 42.10; had 95.60 loss to recover, 53.50 remaining

Rolled Feb 110 call out to May for 2.51 credit
– BTC Feb 110 call @ 65.45. Sold for 18.20 on 10/22
– STO May 110 call @ 67.96
Booked a loss on this roll of 47.25

If natural gas does not recover sufficiently (bringing KOLD back down) then I’ll continue to roll and generate credits until I have wiped out all the accumulated losses. Even without a whole lot of long term movement in the underlying commodity, KOLD will always suffer from tracking error headwinds, being a reverse-leveraged ETF, so it will always have that downward bias. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.


The last week has put my feb 10 puts from decent profit to underwater in a week.  $10.32 close means it may be roll time tomorrow.

The part about premium selling that sucks is the whipsaw.  The shiny stuff putting the heat on right now.


Time to freak?

NO-Time to follow the plan and adjust/roll when atm hits.  #psychology


CBOE To Begin Overnight Dissemination…

CBOE To Begin Overnight Dissemination Of CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) – Date 02/02/2016

  • Will Provide Additional Real-Time Volatility Information When News Breaks Overnight
  • Will Enable Overseas Investors to Reference VIX Index During Their Regular Trading Hours

The Chicago Board Options Exchange® (CBOE®) today announced that it plans to begin overnight dissemination of the CBOE Volatility Index® (VIX® Index) in March.

Values for the VIX Index are expected to be published every 15 seconds during CBOE’s extended trading hours session for VIX and S&P 500® Index (SPX) options, which runs from 2:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. CT.

Before the close I sold the BWLD 105 put and 175 call for a total premium of 1.10

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold NUGT…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold NUGT Jan 20 2017 75.0 Calls @ 5.50. Highest available strike price.

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold 1…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold 1 NUGT Mar 18 2016 45.0 Call @ 2.10


BWLD #following Jeff #earnings #ironcondor…

BWLD #following Jeff #earnings #ironcondor It’s taken all day and a couple of tries STO Feb 19 110/100/170/180 for 1.18

$DUST #ShortPuts #Speculation – Sold…

$DUST #ShortPuts #Speculation – Sold DUST(Weekly) Feb 05 2016 10.0 Puts @ 0.25. This is simply a bet that DUST closes above 9.75 on Friday. Tread carefully.

$UVXY #ShortPuts #ScalpTrade – since…

$UVXY #ShortPuts #ScalpTrade – since I am short many calls and no longer long any stock …
Sold UVXY Feb 05 2016 36.0 Puts @ 0.23
Sold UVXY Feb 05 2016 35.5 Puts @ 0.16
Sold UVXY Feb 05 2016 35.0 Puts @ 0.11
The strike price is below any price hit since mid- January. These expire Friday.


Wow. Haven’t been trading much…

Wow. Haven’t been trading much after some terrible whipsaw action. Just curious- how many people here think this kind of insane action is a precursor to another 2008/09 style crash? I think it’s a real possibility.