#VXXGame trades at the close…

#VXXGame trades at the close
I put on the following trades at the highest strikes in expirations where I didn’t yet have any positions.
Sold $UVXY Apr 15 90 call @ 2.20
Sold $UVXY Apr 1 (weekly) 115 calls @ .70


Got called out of stock last Friday. Today taking another way and STO Mar 18 20.00 put for 0.25.
Would actually like to see it go there and buy the stock, but I’ll take the cash also any time and do it again next month if it looks good.


On daily chart, coming close to completing a wedge/flag for the last 8 or 9 day’s.  Lower high’s, higher lows. Something likely to happen soon.

TRADES: @fuzzball Hey, you’re my…

TRADES: @fuzzball Hey, you’re my kind of guy, a gunslinger. ;>)

TRADES: @jeffcp66 KMI BTC 3/18/16…

TRADES: @jeffcp66

KMI BTC 3/18/16 17.5 CALLS @.92 STO @.97
NUGT STO 3/18/16 30.0 PUTS @.85
NUGT STO 3/24/16 30.0 PUTS @1.15 Thanks to Jeff. I had calls, so matched them with puts, for very little margin use.

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NUGT puts

#ContangoETFs Threw some out there as it has come down off its highs:
STO NUGT March 11th 35 puts for 1.10
STO NUGT March 18th 30 puts for .85
Each put I sell gives me a margin credit since I’m short so many calls. I will add more if premium rises. Need to be ready for a quick drop in NUGT but these are easy to roll or reverse-roll to calls once the inevitable down move begins.