#Markets – remember that the…

#Markets – remember that the markets are closed on Monday. Only a 4 day trading week to bleed premium away faster


Just wow.  No end in sight.   Few Call spreads and a June 72 call hurting, but broke even on the day because I bought a 1300 next week /gc call@1.70 last night and sold it today @10.90

Ironically, it matched the loss I have in a few of my NUGT position to give me a break even day in gold.

1400 in gold seems probable soon at this rate.

$VIX earlier today closed a…

$VIX earlier today closed a 21/26 BuCS, made about 2.50.
$SWHC #coveredcalls followed somebody from yesterday, can’t find his post, Feb. 19, 23 covered call for 21.19
This is Smith and Wesson

The Nasdaq Composite is now…

The Nasdaq Composite is now up for the day


Closing some KOLD positions

Today’s action really strained buying power so I closed these positions for nice profits instead of waiting for expiration. The margin requirements for this ticker are large enough that it freed up a good chunk of buying power.

BTC $KOLD Feb 19 320 call @ .77 (sold for 10.00 on 12/22)
BTC $KOLD Feb 19 270 calls @ .75 (sold for 1.40-2.70 from 1/14-2/2)
BTC $KOLD Feb 19 250 call @ .90 (sold for 4.00 on 12/30)
BTC $KOLD Feb 19 220 call @ 1.50 (sold for 4.20 on 1/6)

SPX calls

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Feb 29th (monthlys) 1950/1975 call spreads for 1.45.

OPEC reportedly ready to cut…

OPEC reportedly ready to cut output = bounce