Followed Fuzzball:

$NUGT STO 3/18/16 80.0 CALLS @1.70 Thank you sir. ;>) It’s paired with my 3/11/16 30.0 short Puts.

NUGT calls

#ContangoETFs Followed @iceman and @fuzzballl at highest available strikes:
STO NUGT March 4th 75 calls for 1.00
STO NUGT March 18th 80 calls for 1.85

$SPY BeCS sold March 4…

$SPY BeCS sold March 4 197/200 @ .75. My thinking is we will stall or go down tomorrow or the next day.

Closing $BA rollout

On 2/11 I rolled out my Feb 110 puts to March for a nice credit. This allowed me to use today’s up move to exit the trade early for an overall profit.

Bought to close $BA Mar 18 110 puts @ 2.05. Sold for 7.05, as a rollout on 2/11.
Loss on original roll was 3.18, so with this 5.00 profit, overall profit on the position is 1.82.

NUGT calls

Paired up with 25 strike puts sold yesterday…

Sold NUGT MAR 18 2016 80.0 Calls @ 1.70 (highest available strike)

$UVXY closed Feb. 19 50/55…

$UVXY closed Feb. 19 50/55 call spreads for about half of what they were sold for, too close to expiration, and 50 for comfort still a winner.

$KMI BTC 2/19/16 13.50 PUTS…

$KMI BTC 2/19/16 13.50 PUTS @.01. STO @.37

I sold the SPX 2125/2150 call spread for 1.25 today for April 29 expiration.

FOMC snore

FOMC minutes a big snore… now what? If we go any higher from here I will look to take my first stop on a call spread, the Feb 26th 1950/1975. Likely will roll one week further out into a far OTM put spread and a slightly higher call spread

FB mgt

#Earnings Still working around a short stock position with numerous short puts and a few short calls.
STO FB June 130 call for 1.23

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold NUGT…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold NUGT Mar 04 2016 75.0 Calls @ 1.00. Highest available strike price.

edit: Also sold the NUGT Feb 19 2016 35.0 Puts @ 0.15. These expire Friday

$VXX BTC 3/4/16 37.0 CALLS…

$VXX BTC 3/4/16 37.0 CALLS @.11 STO @.74 in early Feb.

PCLN earnings closed

#Earnings Bought to close $PCLN 1275/1300 call spread for .90. Sold yesterday as part of condor for 1.35. Taking this off to avoid possible tendency to run higher into week’s end.


Delta beginning to trump IV collapse on these so booking a nice winner. UVXY is actually well below where it was when I sold these on the way up but puts have lost nearly half their value.

Bought to Close UVXY MAR 18 2016 30.0 Puts @ .90 (sold for 1.62 average)

$CMG #ShortPuts – Sold CMG…

$CMG #ShortPuts – Sold CMG Feb 19 2016 465.0 Puts @ 0.28. These expire Friday.

$UVXY BTC 3/11/16 90.0 CALLS…

$UVXY BTC 3/11/16 90.0 CALLS @.77
$UVXY STO 3/18/16 75.0 CALLS @2.27 Hasn’t seen 75.0 since Sept. 2015.

$NFLX Covered Calls

I was assigned early overnight on some deep in the money puts (March 145). I was aware of the risk but was looking for more upside in the stock which would have reduced that risk. But I got clipped so I’m just going to sell calls against this position until called away.

Sold $NFLX Mar 4 100 calls @ 1.21.
Delta 24.

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY March 18th…

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY March 18th 165 calls for .26. Sold for 2.70 avg price in January.

$CNX #CoveredCalls – Sold CNX…

$CNX #CoveredCalls – Sold CNX MAR 18 2016 12.0 Calls @ 0.21

Closing SPX BeCS

I closed some of my Mar 11 SPX 1965/1980 at $4.95 Sold it for $1.25 last week…Ouch! Well now that I did this, you can be sure that the SPX will drop! 🙂
I will roll them once the Market decides to slow down this ride.


$SPX Closed my Mar 4th 1980/2005 BeCS when the $SPX was at 1917.  I won’t be around to manage any roll outs and decided to not try and be a hero by waiting for the pull back.

$UVXY my UVXY Feb 19…

$UVXY my UVXY Feb 19 50/55 call spreads finally turned positive this morning.

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY Feb 26th…

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY Feb 26th 35 puts for .18. Sold for 1.15 on Feb 1

$NUGT #ShortPuts -Sold NUGT Feb…

$NUGT #ShortPuts -Sold NUGT Feb 19 2016 34.0 Puts @ 0.17 on a market order. These expire tomorrow.

VIX moves unimpressive

The VIX move down has been fairly lackluster during this rally… we are not seeing the falling knife that often forms. This may be because there was no capitulation low last week. This may signal a bear market rally that won’t hold, or it could be a stealth rally that just keeps going up even though no one believes in it. Watching Robert’s resistance levels; I’m bullish for this week into OpEx, cautious after that.

SPX Call spread

STO Mar 4 2010/2020 BeCS @ 0.50

Dumped BePS

#SPXcampaign Sold to close $SPX March 11th 1895/1880 bear put spreads for 5.20. Bought for 8.00 on Friday. If we have more downside coming, my timing was definitely off.

NUGT opener

NUGT opener
#ContangoETFs STO NUGT Sep 80 call for 11.20 (highest strike). First of several rolls I owe myself from closed underwater positions.

Earnings update

#Earnings – PCLN’s move up is highest on earnings since Aug 2012. I will look to close the call spread today, at breakeven or small loss if necessary, as this one could definitely be a runner.
FOSL also broke its downward trend to pop on earnings… I have the rest of this week to see if it can drift below 35, which is breakeven area on my put butterfly.

SPX Resistance for Today.

Resistance today for the SPX: 1898-1900; 1904-1908; 1917-1920; 1930-35 and 1946-50
We’ll probably open above 1900 so that would become support.
Remember that at 2:00 PM the FOMC report today…so it can go either way.
Also FOMC member Bullard is scheduled to speak at 6:00PM EST.
Industrial production rises 0.9% in Jan 0.5% above what was expected…that pushed the futures higher this morning….

$KMI Looks like selling the…

$KMI Looks like selling the 16.50 Calls yesterday wasn’t my best trade. Up a 1.50+ this morning. ;>( Will probably roll it next week if necessary.

/VX VIX futures

Sold 24.00 and bought back at 23.75 for a nice little 25 tick overnighter. Back to bed!