Followed Fuzzball:

$NUGT STO 3/18/16 80.0 CALLS @1.70 Thank you sir. ;>) It’s paired with my 3/11/16 30.0 short Puts.

NUGT calls

#ContangoETFs Followed @iceman and @fuzzballl at highest available strikes:
STO NUGT March 4th 75 calls for 1.00
STO NUGT March 18th 80 calls for 1.85

$SPY BeCS sold March 4…

$SPY BeCS sold March 4 197/200 @ .75. My thinking is we will stall or go down tomorrow or the next day.

Closing $BA rollout

On 2/11 I rolled out my Feb 110 puts to March for a nice credit. This allowed me to use today’s up move to exit the trade early for an overall profit.

Bought to close $BA Mar 18 110 puts @ 2.05. Sold for 7.05, as a rollout on 2/11.
Loss on original roll was 3.18, so with this 5.00 profit, overall profit on the position is 1.82.

NUGT calls

Paired up with 25 strike puts sold yesterday…

Sold NUGT MAR 18 2016 80.0 Calls @ 1.70 (highest available strike)

$UVXY closed Feb. 19 50/55…

$UVXY closed Feb. 19 50/55 call spreads for about half of what they were sold for, too close to expiration, and 50 for comfort still a winner.

$KMI BTC 2/19/16 13.50 PUTS…

$KMI BTC 2/19/16 13.50 PUTS @.01. STO @.37

I sold the SPX 2125/2150 call spread for 1.25 today for April 29 expiration.

FOMC snore

FOMC minutes a big snore… now what? If we go any higher from here I will look to take my first stop on a call spread, the Feb 26th 1950/1975. Likely will roll one week further out into a far OTM put spread and a slightly higher call spread

FB mgt

#Earnings Still working around a short stock position with numerous short puts and a few short calls.
STO FB June 130 call for 1.23