#FUZZBALL – Your GLD update…

@ Fuzzball –

Your GLD update was detailed and very interesting, really enjoyed it and would ask that you do more of it. Really very helpful as were the comments that followed. Helps me see how you approach a Setup and what results to expect. Please keep it up with the Updates…..they are not boring or too long. :))

The VIX Indicator and SPX…

The VIX Indicator and SPX Charts have been updated
Non-Farm Payroll (Jobs report) will be released at 8:30am ET


$SPX 1/13 2325/2300 BECS @ 1.20
$SPX 2/3 2135/2160 BUPS @ 1.45

Closed Early
$AMZN 720/770 BUPS @ 55% profit (partial position) Sold in October. Was way down at one point.

#bullputspread FB closed Jan. 20…

FB closed Jan. 20 115/105 spread for .30, sold for 1.33 on Dec. 23.

SPX ITM call-roll

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPXPM Jan 20th 2275/2300 call spreads for 8.60, completing the #CondorRoll from earlier today.

SPX trades closing

#SPXcampaign STOPPED, BTC $SPX Jan 13th 2280/2305 call spreads for 4.40. Sold for 4.70 on Dec 30th. Will look to roll tomorrow.

BTC SPX Jan 13th 2175/2150 put spreads for .20. Sold for 2.00 on Dec 14th.


$ShortPuts #IRA – Nice bounce so thinning out some more. Decks are cleared for earnings on Feb 2nd.

Bought to Close CMG MAR 17 2017 275.0 Put @ .83 (sold for 4.10)

DUST calls closing

#ContangoETFs #ShortCalls
BTC DUST Jan 20th 80 call for .05. Sold for 5.00 on Nov 17th
BTC DUST Jan 27th 107 call for .05. Sold for 3.00 on Dec 20th

#spxcampaign STO 17 FEB 17…

#spxcampaign STO 17 FEB 17 2135/2035 BuPS @4.50

#spxcampaign STO 3 FEB 17…

#spxcampaign STO 3 FEB 17 2170/2070 BuPS @4.00