Box of Chocolates

Closed %&$(^&$#@)(*&&
$SPX 1/25 2310/2285 BECS @ 400% loss (Had profit yesterday but chose not to close)

$VALE 2/17 12 calls @ .18 – lottery ticket (Dr Science idea @ OMM)

#earnings (@jeffcp66)
$EBAY 1/27 28.50 puts @ .36
$LUV 1/27 49/50 BUPS @ .50

$AKS 3/17 12/8 BECS @ .80 (Dr Science idea @ OMM)

FFIV and EBAY trades looking good, Mortimer…

Now if LUV does well in the morning, I’ll be 3-for-3 overnight.



Just got filled after hours. STO January 2018, 225 call @5.10 on 1 contract.

#SPX Campaign Back from the…

#SPX Campaign Back from the dog walk. After much reflection I closed my Feb 17th 2340/2360 BeCS at $2.00. I will look to open a new and further out BeCS with 1.5x the original contracts when it appears the break out has settled down.

SPX, closing half of long calls

#SPXcampaign Sold to Close $SPX Jan 27th 2300/2325 call spreads for 4.00. Bought for 1.10 yesterday. That was on my Reg-T marin accounts. For my Portfolio margin account, I closed only the long calls and left the 2325 shorts to expire Friday: Sold to Close $SPX Jan 27th 2300 calls for 4.70.

Will look to close the remainder of the spreads after they reach 8.00. If they don’t will exit before the theta drains out.

EBAY earnings

#Earnings #ShortPuts Sold to Open $EBAY Jan 27th 28.5 puts for .30. Biggest UP move: 13.9%, Biggest DOWN move: -12.5%, Average move: 6.4%. This trade is -5.9% OTM.

Playing this one bullish; 28.5 is just below 200 ema. 28.5 stock price is easy to manage if assigned.

Options Guides – Education

#optionseducation @optionshane
I know you probably get a gazillion emails hyping the “perfect guide or webinar” that will make you a millionaire in 30 days with only $5.00…right!? Alt>Delete faster than a speeding bullet!

In spite of the many offers I get and trash, the link below actually sent an easy-to-read overview of trading options, without advertising or weird videos! If you are just starting out it’s a must read.