$NUGT #CoveredCalls – sold all…

$NUGT #CoveredCalls – sold all these Monday morning, replacing similar calls that expired last Friday.
All These expire at the end of the week.
Sold NUGT Jan 13 2017 11 CALLS @ 0.24
Sold NUGT Jan 13 2017 11.5 CALLS @ 0.15
Sold NUGT Jan 13 2017 12 CALLS @ 0.10

Expired and Closed Early


Expired Full Profit
$SPX 2230/2255 BUPS Sold for 2.30

Closed Early
$SPX 1/13 2185/2210 BUPS @95% profit

VIX Indicator and SPX Chart have been updated

#VIXIndicator $VIX 11.73 is the 78.6% Fib retracement drawn from the VIX 12/21 low and the 12/30 high. Monday was the third consecutive close below this level, which could indicate another strong push higher, like the one that began 12/7.

Options Expiration 1/9/17

#OptionsExpiration #spxcampaign

Expired: $SPX Jan 9th 2255/2230 put spread. Sold for 2.85 last Wednesday.

Also, closed right before the bell: Bought to close $SPX Jan 13th 2310/2335 call spreads for .20. Sold for 4.00 on Dec 14th.

$SVXY #ShortCalls #TopOfTheChain – Sold…

$SVXY #ShortCalls #TopOfTheChain
Sold 1 SVXY JAN 19 2018 200.0 Call @ 5.90
Sold 1 SVXY JAN 18 2019 200.0 Call @ 18.0

$SVXY #ShortCalls #OptionLadder – given…

$SVXY #ShortCalls #OptionLadder – given what this stock has done recently, this is a bit of a speculation.
Sold 1 SVXY JAN 13 2017 107.0 Call @ 1.50
Sold 1 SVXY JAN 20 2017 110.0 Call @ 1.50
Sold 1 SVXY JAN 27 2017 113.0 Call @ 1.50

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX Jan 19th 2340/2365 call spreads for .20. Sold for 1.50 on Dec 16th.

Looking at BLK for selling…

Looking at BLK for selling a strangle. Earnings on Friday before open 360/400 4.00 cr expiring on Jan 20.


STO February 37 puts @1.15


Replacing covered call position from last week with a new starter strangle…

Sold IBB FEB 17 2017 260.0/300.0 Strangle @ 5.25

#ETE Flushed out of my…

#ETE Flushed out of my small #ETE position @ 19.075 for a small profit on the opening pull back. #ETE bounced at the 20dma. Sold to open the Jan 20 18.50 Put @ 0.32 with #ETE at 19.06 as a possible re-entry. I may go long the stock if it can show it has some strength.

SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX Jan 27th 2300/2325 call spreads for 4.30. Sold for 3.00 on Dec 30th.

This is the last call spread I’m trying to close. If there is a rally today and the market goes positive, I believe we will be making a run to 2300 this week.

SPX puts closed, puts sold

#SPXcampaign In pre-market, Bought to close $SPX Jan 13th 2210/2185 put spreads for .20. Sold for 4.25 on Dec 15th.

Just now, sold to open $SPX Feb 10th 2150/2125 put spreads for 1.35, with SPX at 2271.

Econ Calendar week of 1/9/17

The blue stars are for “Market moving Indicators”.