Options Expiration 1/18/17

#OptionsExpiration #SPXcampaign
Expiring: SPX 2290/2315 call spreads, sold as part of a #CondorRoll for 4.65 on 1/10.

#spxcampaign Sold to open following…


$SPX 1/18 2215/2240 BUPS

Sold to open following @jeffcp66
$SPX 2/17 2365/2330 BECS @ 1.50
$SPX 1/25 2215/2240/2310/2285 Iron Condor @ 4.05

Closed Early
$SPX 1/23 2140/2165 BUPS @ 90% profit

Closed Early (Before $NFLX earnings)
Tried to be prudent. Closed 75% of my BUPS in $NFLX but did keep my 2/17 $NFLX 115 calls (Long)
And a $NFLX 1/20 150/140 BECS (see if I can get out tomorrow with minimal damage)
$NFLX 1/20 100/110 BUPS @ 89% profit (OMM Trade)
$NFLX 1/20 102.86/111.43 BUPS @ 73% profit (OMM trade)


Strikes added up to $60 for all the expirations I checked.

$NFLX earnings iron condor

STO Jan 20 147/144/121/118 @ 1.22


#SPXcampaign Sold the Feb 17th 2340/2360 Call spread for 0.85 to make the Iron Condor.  So far so good.



STO Feb> 17, 225 put @6.20

AMZN roll

#LongCallDiagonals – With earnings moved back a week I’m rolling out but not up. I’ll make the big roll up the following week. Going for premium this time…

Rolled this week’s 772.5 call to next week 772.5 @ 2.70 credit.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign We continue to consolidate so I will continue to sell short term, aggressive condors.

#CondorRoll Sold to Open $SPX Jan 25th 2215/2240/2285/2310 iron condors for 4.00.

Also, selling standard 5-week call spread.. no fills on the day’s highs so I’m just getting something filled: Sold to Open $SPX Feb 16th 2330/2355 for 1.45.


CAT puts

#CoveredPuts Sold $CAT Mar 3 87 puts @ 1.06, against short stock I was assigned early overnight.

Simpler Options trial

Signed up for the one month trial for 7 bucks….mainly to watch how JC plays earnings. He’s supposed to be setting up something in NFLX today.