Optionshouse (Trademonster) offer

Not bad…


Hi Scott,

I apologize I am just getting back to you. I was out in LA for a business trip and just got back. You are correct TastyTrade has come out with a very compelling offer. Based on what your trading plans are and the amounts you are looking to deposit, I would be able to offer you $0.40 per contract each way, no ticket. Exchange fees are only roughly $0.04 per contract. This would be for the life of the account not just a promotion.

Our stock trades are $4.95 flat to open and close, and futures trading is $4 round trip. I would unfortunately not be able to discount these trades. Also, we have a dime buy back program, where if you close out a short option that is priced at $0.10 or less, it is a commission free trade.

We would also be able to convert your account to a portfolio margin account. Please let me know what you think, and we can talk further from there. Thanks Scott, and have a great evening!

Best regards,

Mike Mandich

Sales Consultant


10 S. Riverside Plaza | Suite 500

Chicago, IL 60606
Direct: 312-488-4368

A bistro Party


Since all this work by Jeff has been totally successful..and we are members of the best site for home traders,
I think Jeff should host a Bistro Party this year…I’d definetely attend..and help however I can…


$SPX 1/27 2235/2260 BUPS @ 1.00

Close Early
$SPX 1/25 2215/2240 BUPS@.10 91% profit
$SPX 1/31 2040/2140 BUPS @ .20 95% profit

Thanks @jeffcp66 for helping save capital and grow It too!

$COF 1/27 85/87/89/87 @ 1.60

$APC 2/3 70 @ 1.52
$CELG 1/27 115 @.85
$CRR 2/17 11 @.60
$CVI 2/17 25 @.75
$CLF 2/3 9 @ .37
$YELP 2/10 43 @1.70
$MPC 1/27 49 @ .80

$QCOM 2/17 55 Call @ 2.30 (OMM Trade)

Check your calendar on February…

“According to a Fengshui Master in Hong Kong:
This February won’t come in our lifetime again. Because this February has 4 Sundays, 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays and 4 Saturdays. This only happens once every 823 years. This is called ‘money bags.’ So share to at least 5 people or 5 groups and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui. Share within 11 minutes of reading.”

Go figure…

SPX at the Bell

just before the 3:15 close, STO 2 SPX Feb 24 2200/2100 BUPS @ 4.60

Entered my trade as the ES crossed below the R2 Pivot line..after a mild pullback before close..


Extra put spread sold

#SPXcampaign In after market, Sold to Open $SPX Feb 3rd 2260/2235 put spreads for 3.35.

CMG strangle

Another one in rally mode…another big up day tomorrow and the call side will begin having issues so buh bye! Looking out to next week for a nice earnings strangle…

Bought to Close CMG JAN 27 2017 390.0/430.0 Strangle @ .68 (sold for 4.60)


Earlier today STO Feb. 17, 30 puts @0.85


STO January, 2018 220 call @5.15 on 1 contract. Thanks to Ramie for pointing out the new strike price.

SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign On the small pullback I bought to close $SPX Jan 30th 2285/2310 call spreads for 5.65. Sold as part of a #CondorRoll yesterday for 4.35.