No option expirations this week,…

No option expirations this week, as I’ve been cutting back on trading just don’t want to manage trades for the next three weeks while on vacation on Kaua’i and Mau’i islands. Need another winter break.

Also, checkout this weekend for cash secured puts and covered calls.

Trade safely…Mahalo

#OptionsExpiration for 1/27 $NUGT 01/27/2017…

#OptionsExpiration for 1/27

$NUGT 01/27/2017 12.00 calls
$UVXY 01/27/2017 40.50 calls

No assignments.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Earnings Trades and Expiration


$JNJ 113/115/117/115 Iron Butterfly Lost $54 per contract
$COF 85/87/89/87 Iron Butterfly Lost $40 per contract
$LUV 49/50 BUPS 100% profit
$EBAY 28.5 put 100% profit

#spxcampaign #coveredcalls #shortputs #shortcalls #assignment
Expired Full Profit

$SPX 2120/2145 BUPS
$SPX 2155/2180 BUPS
$SPX 2235/2260 BUPS

$LULU 70.50/69.50 BECS
$NUGT 12 call (covered)
$CELG 115 call (Covered)
$LULU 60 put

Called Away
$MPC 1/27 49 calls

Thanks to everyone for sharing. Enjoy the fruits of your labor this weekend.

Option expiration

Only one today. AMGN 150 PUT. Have a nice weekend and hope for more volatility next week.


BTC March 31 $100P for 3.85, sold Jan 13 for 8.30

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Jan27 – a…

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Jan27 – a fairly quiet expiration except for some unfortunate early exercises on ITM $SVXY Calls. While Fido and Schwab have stock to lend, apparently TDAm does not.

$NUGT and $DUST stayed in a predicable range for the 2nd week in a row and I re-acquired some CVS at 79 after getting called out of my previous long stock at 82.5 on an early call assignment a little over a week ago.

— Expirations —
DUST (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 25 Puts
DUST (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 30 Puts
NUGT (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 8.5 Puts
NUGT (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 12 Calls (Covered)

SVXY (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 60 Puts
SVXY (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 65 Puts
SVXY (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 70 Puts
SVXY (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 88 Puts

TRIP (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 52.5 Calls (Covered)

UVXY (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 27 Calls (Covered)
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 32 Calls (Covered)
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 33 Calls (Covered)
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 40.5 Calls (Covered)

— Assignments —
CVS (Weekly) Jan 27 2017 79 Puts – going long some stock


Options Expiration 1/27/17

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #ShortStrangles #ShortPuts #ShortCalls #IronButterfly #VXXGame #Assignment #BullPutSpreads

–Expiring w/max profit–
EBAY 28.5 puts
FB 126 put
FFIV 157.5 calls
LUV 50/49 put spreads
SPX 2260/2235 put spreads
UVXY 37 calls

SBUX 60 puts, stock assigned, cost basis 56.73

–Expired w/max loss–
COF 85/87/89 iron butterfly
SPX 2300/2325 LONG call spread, bought for 1.10, closed half for 4.70 so overall profitable trade.

Options Expiration Weekly 1/27/17


$SVXY $80 puts
$UVXY $34 calls
$UVXY $36 calls
$UVXY $38 calls
$UVXY $40 calls
$UVXY $42 calls

With the VIX low, #VXXGame premiums are also low so I continue to stay very short term. Won’t stay this way forever. I don’t want to be short a bunch of longer term $UVXY calls or $SVXY puts if we get a serious vol spike. Will continue to just make good steady short term money and wait for the opportunity to sell longer term, high premium positions. Even in this environment, it has been a nicely profitable month.

Have a great weekend everyone.


COF trade

#Earnings, If you’re in this trade is probably a good idea to close the 87 short calls. If COF ends the day under 89, you will be assigned short stock if you don’t close the short calls.

SPX Campaign Earnings Trade Long Calls

$SPX 3/3/2017 2110/2210 BUPS @ 4.80 (Following @fibwizard

Closed Early
$SPX 1/30/2017 2215/2240 BUPS @ .10 94% profit

$AAPL 2/3/2017 122 call @ 1.93

#CMCSA 3/17/2017 75 call @ 2.30 (OMM Trade)
$SPY 2/17 230 call @ 1.36 (Trying something new)

$DUST #ShortPuts – Sold DUST…

$DUST #ShortPuts – Sold DUST MAR 10 2017 26.5 Puts @ 2.05 with the stock at 33.69.
The stock has not been below this strike price since late August.
This is the lowest available strike(so far) for this weekly series.

JNJ break today

#Earnings #IronButterfly Getting the surge we wanted on JNJ at the last minute. We can get out now for less than max loss… Just put a .15 trailing stop on the option price to close the 115 short puts. At the moment I will be stopped at 1.73, but I hope it goes down from here (meaning stock continues UP).

(Sold the Jan 27th 113/115/117 iron butterfly for 1.35 on Monday)


About to go positive on the day after a pretty good drop yesterday and this morning.

Selling WHR puts

$WHR #ShortPuts Looking to start a ladder in this. My first sale is Mar 17 150 puts @ 1.00.


STO FB Strangle 142/120 for…

STO FB Strangle 142/120 for .77cr earnings trades.


STO January 2018, 200 put @5.10

TQQQ roll

Rolled my 71.5 call out to Feb. 10, 72 call for a pick up of 0.02 cents. I picked up 1/2 of a point in the strike price against my 2019 35 calls.

FFIV earnings

#Earnings #CoveredCalls – Originally sold 145/142 bull put spreads @ 1.25.

Stock tanked so sold long 142 puts @ 4.95. I’ll be assigned stock at 145 with a basis of 138.80 so:

Sold FFIV FEB 10 2017 138.0 Calls @ 2.05
Sold FFIV FEB 10 2017 139.0 Call @ 1.60

$NUGT #CoveredCalls #IRA – Repeating…

$NUGT #CoveredCalls #IRA – Repeating last weeks move.

Normally I would let this week’s worthless option roll off and attempt to sell next week’s on Monday. But with NUGT running a bit this morning I’ve decided to roll instead.
I’m spending a little to buy back worthless calls but who knows what Monday will bring.

Bought to close NUGT JAN 27 2017 11.5 Calls @ 0.01 (Sold last Fri @ 0.33)
Sold NUGT Feb 03 2017 11.5 Calls @ 0.23

FB covered call roll

#Earnings #CoveredCalls #StockTrade #ShortStrangles #StrangleRoll
BTC $FB Jan 27th 130 call for 1.98. Sold for .53 on Jan 10th.
STO $FB Feb 3rd 126/138 strangle for 2.58.

Going into next week’s earnings with a long bias; I am long stock. I will be selling additional options the day of earnings.

NVDA….pulled a WYNN

Earnings moved to Feb 9th. Feb 10th strangles getting hit this morning. Can’t these companies get their announcements right? Kinda funny….guy calling into TT asking the same thing. Guess my earnings trade is set already.

Opening Futures Trade

#es #futures

Jan 27 08:34 Shorted the ES(sp emini ) just before the TTM_Squeeze fired to the down 2293.5..TTM_Wave verified by starting to move negative…

Jan 27 08:56 Exit my trade as ES hits the session low, at the S1 Pivot line..TTM_Wave verifies the move is over with a polarity change..and above zero move ..

Gain of 5 points @ 250/point


GOOGL extra

#Earnings I covered the short 815 puts for .10 earlier… I put in an order to sell the long 805’s for .05, and it filled a few minutes ago as the stock was going back UP. Someone had to close their shorts I guess!


#CoveredCalls -I’ve been rolling around this short strangle position for months. Finally took the stock at 107 but with an 88 basis for covered calls. Was short 91 strike calls this week planning on rolling the calls up into earnings week. Then…all of a sudden WYNN moved their earnings to yesterday and IV in the short calls jumped. Thanks WYNN…grrr.

Stock jumped on earnings so I sold it at 102.80 while keeping the short calls. Looking now to roll the calls to a new strangle…I think this might be a revenge trade but doing it anyway…LOL


BTC UVXY 3 FEB 17 45 CALL @.03 sold it on 1/20/2017 for 0.34


BTC UVXY 3 FEB 17 40 CALL @.05 sold on 1/23/2017 for 0.42


BTC UVXY 3 FEB 17 40.5 CALL @.05 sold it on 1/13/2017 for $1.45

Indices down, but VIX just…

Indices down, but VIX just hit a new 2.5 year low

GOOGL roll

#LongCallDiagonals – Still easing it up a little at a time…

Rolled this week’s 815.0 call to Feb 10 817.5 @ 1.00 credit.

This thing has to level off at some point where the rolls can catch up. In the meantime 2019 long call/Bups working nicely.


sold 34.60 stock bought Wed for 32.95, small gain

GOOGL trade closed

#Earnings Bought to close $GOOGL Jan 27th 815 puts for .10. Sold the 815/805 put spreads yesterday for 1.40. No reason to risk it if I can close this cheaply.

$DUST #ShortPuts #Rollout – Bought…

$DUST #ShortPuts #Rollout – Bought to close DUST JAN 27 2017 40.0 Puts to avoid assignment and
Sold DUST Feb 17 2017 37.0 Puts at a 0.21 Credit.

SBUX busted butterfly

#Earnings #IronButterfly #StockTrades Took a bullish shot on this one with the 58/60/62 IB for 1.47. I am planning to sell the long 58 puts at the open for around 2.00, leaving me short the naked 60 puts. This will total 3.47 in premium received, meaning my cost basis on the stock, when assigned tonight, will be 56.53. I am comfortable with that for hopefully a quick turnaround to sell the stock on a pop next week. If it drops further I can hold it through its dip until recovery. This company isn’t going anywhere.