VIX Indicator and SPX Chart…

VIX Indicator and SPX Chart have been updated


NUGT calls

Borrowing an idea from @optioniceman from Friday.
Sold $NUGT Jan 27 12.00 calls @ .23 for this week’s expiration.

JNJ earnings iron butterfly

#Earnings #IronButterfly Sold to Open $JNJ Jan 27th 113/115/117 iron butterfly for 1.35. Slightly bullish position, and we have until Friday for it to settle in.


STO February 17, 55 put @1.25

#SPX Campaign

Sold to open Feb 24th 2100/2120 BuPS @ 0.85  when $SPX was around 2261.



STO Feb 3 $39 calls @ $0.53


Morning  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  #VXXGame, #ContangoETFs

Last Friday I was assigned my short Jan 20th 95 and 100 Calls leaving me with zero SVXY stock in quit a while.  This morning I sold Feb 17th 90 Put @ 1.60 and Feb 10th Put @ 1.05 when $SVXY was around $110.0.    I will roll to avoid assignment.

$RAD puts

STO Feb 17 6.00 P @ 0.45 with stock at 7.21.
If assigned would have cost basis 5.55 for stock. Hasn’t been below there in over a year. Yes, it is in a hassle-fest with Walgreens and the government right now, but taking a chance here that this will stay above the 6 level by Feb 17. Good return on capital if it does.

SPX puts sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Feb 24th 2150/2125 put spreads for 1.35, earlier when SPX was at 2266.

QCOM puts

STO March 50 puts @1.45