SPX Put Sold

$SPX 1/23 2140/2165 BUPS @ 1.70 Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX 2/3 2100/2125 BUPS @ 1.45 Thank you @jeffcp66

$NVDA 2/3 90 puts @ 1.75 Thank you @fuzzballl

$REGN 1/13 382.50 call @ 7.00 Covered

SPX Puts Closed

$SPX 1/4/2017 2200/2225 BUPS @ 81% (Forgot to pull BTC order, but happy I had one)

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX Jan 6th 2260/2285 call spreads for 3.35. Sold for 9.85 on Dec 23rd. Since this got close to 9.00 on this morning’s pop up, I was glad to get out cheaply by being patient. This will be easy to roll so I will do it tomorrow.

My Daily ES trade


Bought 5 ES contracts as ES bottomed in its sideways channel at 12:30 at 2240, set my stop at 2239, trailed the stop up each point of movement, Exited my trade at 2246, for a 6 point gain…exited at 2pm, my cutoff time..as I dont trade against the pro hour..

6 points X 50.00 per point = 300.00, X 5 contracts = 1500.00…


#ShortStrangles – My 325/425 Jan 20 strangle is about 60 percent profitable so I’ll be watching it closely to make sure I don’t give much back. In the meantime, trying to sneak in another one right before earnings…It’s the highest available call strike (I’d rather have slightly higher) so taking a fairly aggressive put position. I’m only doing this because the Jan position hasn’t been in trouble and I’m able to keep a tight leash on it.

Sold REGN FEB 3 2017 335.0/412.5 Strangle @ 8.50

NVDA again

#ShortPuts #IRA -Selling these in the IRA after closing the EWZ position. Putting the margin back to work…

Sold NVDA FEB 3 2017 90.0 Puts @ 1.70


#ShortPuts #IRA – Nice bounce in Brazil today…taking these off a few weeks early.

Bought to Close EWZ Jan 20 2017 30.0 Puts @ .11 (sold for .98)