#spxcampaign $SPX 1/9 2230/2255 BUPS…

$SPX 1/9 2230/2255 BUPS @ 2.30 Following @jeffcp66

Closed Early
$SPX 1/9 2165/2190 BUPS @ 90% profit

$T Rolled 1/20 35 put to 1/20 42.50 put for added .60. Willing to add this decent yielding stock to my current full position of $T. Hopefully my $T will not runneth over.

Is it just me?

When the market is like this and I’m making some decent cash, why do I focus on what I screwed up on? Thinking I should’ve done better…I gotta quit that!

Learning how to trade options at TT.

#optionseducation @optionshane
Several have recently posted questions about how to trade options those members might checkout a new series of “WDIS: Where do I start?” on tastytrade.com called , “Options 101.” This series is going to start at the beginning with understanding the basics and continue through advanced options. It will be a long series so one might want to check TT’s progress then jump in at an appropriate skill level.

VIX-Indicator very bullish

#VIXindicator Today we are hitting a place on the Indicator that is similar to Dec 5th, which you can see was right before another huge bullish pop. Provided no bad news smacks the market, we could see a very big run up on Friday, perhaps sparked by the Jobs Report.

Adding to Jan 2018 position

Sold $SVXY Jan 19 2018 190 call @ 6.00. Adds to position I put on this morning at more than $1 better premium.

SPX Trade


Jan 4 STO 2 Feb 03 2080/2180 BUPS @ 4.51

SPX Puts Closed/Rolled


Close and Rolled SPX Short side puts
Dec 23 Sold 2 Jan 31 2140 short puts @ $7.70
Jan 04 Bought 2 Jan 31 2140 short puts @ $3.20
Gain @ 60%
Jan 04 Sold 2 Jan 31 2180 short puts @ $5.50

SPX trades today

Bought to close $SPX Jan 9th 2190/2165 call spreads for .20
Stopped: Bought to close Jan 9th 2275/2300 call spreads for 4.50.
Both of the above were sold as an iron condor last Thursday for 4.25. Will look to roll again this week.

#ReverseRoll from yesterday’s stopped call spread:
Sold to open $SPX Jan 9th 2255/2230 put spreads for 2.85. I have not had luck with ATM put spreads yet, but I’ll keep trying.

SPX Puts Closed

Closed out Jan 13 BUPS
Dec 31 Buy 1 Jan 13 2100 put -$0.75 -$75.00
Dec 20 sell 1 jan 13 2200 put $5.70 $570.00
Jan 4 Buy 1 jan 13 2200 put -$1.90 -$190.00
Jan 4 Sell 1 jan 13 2100 put $0.30 $25.00

gain 67%

$FB BTO Jan4 116c/STO 118…

$FB BTO Jan4 116c/STO 118 @.95 debit