Box of Chocolates Getting Soft

$SPX 2/24 2100/2200 BUPS @ 3.00
$SPX 2/24 2390/2365 BECS @ 1.35

Closed Early
$SPX 2/3 2365/2340 BECS @ .60 57% profit (Getting gun shy)
$SPX 1/30 2310/2285 BECS @ 683% loss (Why I am getting gun shy)
$SPX 2/3 2100/2125 BUPS @ .05 94% profit

Closed Early
$BABA 2/17 95/100 BUCS @ 78% profit

$VIX – The VIX is…

$VIX – The VIX is now on a 10 handle which is a fairly rare occurrence. Out of 6,813 trading days since 1990, only 110 have been below 11 in VIX (1.6%).

$DUST #ShortPuts #Rollout – I…

$DUST #ShortPuts #Rollout – I split an existing position into two pieces and rolled it out.
Bought to close DUST JAN 27 2017 45.0 Puts to avoid assignment and
Sold DUST MAR 17 2017 41.0 Puts and DUST APR 21 2017 39.0 Puts, both at a 0.45 Credit.
This gives me plenty of time to manage these positions further.
Plus the lower strike prices and extra cash helps too.

VIX Indicator and SPX Position…

VIX Indicator and SPX Position Chart have been Updated

SPX long call spread

#SPXcampaign Bought to Open $SPX Feb 6th 2330/2335 call spreads for 1.35, about 6 minutes after the bell. Looking to close when the spread reaches 5.00-10.00.

SPX reverse roll

#SPXcampaign Stopping out and reversing my most endangered call spread.

Bought to close $SPX Feb 24th 2230/2255 call spreads for 3.90. Sold on Tuesday for 1.40
#ReverseRoll: Sold to Open SPX Feb 10th 2275/2250 put spreads for 3.95, with SPX at 2296.

Outlook remains bullish. Today the VIX is having its 3rd close beneath the most recent 78.6 Fib line (drawn from 12/21 low and 1/19 high). This is another confirmation of the ongoing Upside Warning.

FFIV puts closed

#Earnings BTC FFIV Jan 27th 130 puts for .10. Sold yesterday as the 130/157.5 strangle for .90. Letting the calls expire. This is to avoid any possible downdraft tomorrow.

Allowing the LUV and EBAY trades to expire

JNJ and COF will have to move tomorrow to become winners, but they are IB’s so loss is minimal.