#pietrade candidates for this week…

#pietrade candidates for this week and have some on as well.

In no particular order, just best ROI I could find on stocks that are not over-extended or at least mid range of their ranges. Most of these expire Friday so only 4-5 DTE.

1. FAS 66 strike CC
2. ERX 25 strike CC
3. WDC 87 CC or put sale your choice. Personally the CC has a little better return.
4 BIB not a true PIE trade, it is 12 DTE but the 56-57 CC are juicy
5. AAL 52.5 CC or put sale. Skew is to the CC side a little.

Already have
6. GM 42.5 and will take assignment Friday for the dividend then sell CC against it.
7. MAR 138 CC
8. NSC 140 CC

If anyone else has any others please post. I will likely trade the WDC or BIB in IRA and the AAL and ERX in the smaller accounts.