#SyntheticStock – As usual I pick a stock that goes to the moon but is hedged with a short weekly. 😦 😦

Trading this similar to the strategy I’ve used with my AMZN position…rolling everything up including the core to set up easier rolling of the front month calls in the future. In this case, I’m rolling the core up to the breakout level which might provide some support on a pullback.

Rolled Jan 2019 115/115/110 synthetic up to 120/120/115 @ 3.50 credit
Rolled MAR 9 2018 115.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 120.0 Calls @ 3.30 debit

Basically moving everything up 5 points for a .20 credit. Hopefully a little pullback of some sort in the next month to allow a decent roll of the weekly next time.