SPX Campaign

$SPX STO 6/1 2465/2490 BUPS at 1.85
$SPX STO 5/18 2750/2725 BECS at 2.70 Thank you @jeffcp66

Lottery ticket

I am not doing this but popped up on scan SRPT, biotech has earnings on 5/3 and premiums are huge. I am not playing it but looks interesting as a 1 lot.

No one will believe me…

No one will believe me because I did not post and everyone here knows my track record on directional plays, but at 1300 today I saw momentum changing (on my tools, I did not actually see it) and I distinctly counted 5 elliott waves on the way down. Maybe there is some ope for me trading directionally 🙂

AYI Adding Nov

Already short Aug 100 and 90 puts. Extending the ladder to Nov.
Sold $AYI Nov 16 80 puts @ 1.60 with the stock at 113.67.

AAPL strangles

#Earnings #CoveredCallCampaign
Sold $AAPL May 4th 160/180 #ShortStrangles for 1.27. I am also long the stock, so short calls are covered. Leaning slightly bullish on strike selection.


#SyntheticStock –  been closing down some calls today in the hopes that the Fed announcement tomorrow will cheer the market and my stocks will blast off to the moon. Yeah right?

BTC EWW May04’18 52 calls for 0.04,  sold for 0.37

BTC JPM May04’18 112 calls for 0.08, sold for 0.41

BTC SLB May04’18 71 calls for 0.04, sold for 0.31

NOC put spread

8$NOC dipped below the 200 dma and has bounced back above it. Selling some premium in this name in June.
Sold $NOC Jun 15 280/270 BuPS for 1.25.