Z earnings

#Earnings An old favorite; first time I’ve traded it since 2014.

Sold $Z May 11th 51/60 strangle for 1.05. Biggest UP move: 12.1%, Biggest DOWN move: -9.1%, Average move: 5.4%. My strikes are +/-8.1% OTM. I’ve had the order in most of the day, and was just filled on 1 spread. Don’t know if the other 4 will go through.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Stopped: $SPX June 1st 2740/2765 call spreads for 3.90. Sold Thursday in a #CondorRoll for 2.90. No decision on how to roll yet.

Closed on GTC order: May 18th 2465/2440 put spreads for .20.

Sold $SPX May 18th 2725/2750 call spreads for 3.65, as other half of the #CondorRoll I started earlier.


STO August 120 puts @2.20

STO November 110 puts @2.10


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Adding on the weakness. Position size is now 80 percent leaving room for one more add if this thing is headed to the 200ma. Earnings estimated on May 31 so wanting to capture all that when the time comes…

Bought DG JAN 18 2019 95.0 Calls @ 7.60

Sold DG MAY 18 2018 95.0 Calls @ .95


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Now that I’m out of XOM and established in ERX I’m getting rid of some more “single stock” risk. This thing has risen enough now to put me into negative deltas so booking some gains and moving on. Also, this makes room for some possible earnings plays in ROKU and NVDA this week.

Sold to Close SLB JAN 18 2019 67.5 Calls
Bought to Close SLB MAY 18 2018 69.0 Calls

Lots of nice weekly premium sales and when all said and done made .63 per contract.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – This thing is all the way out to 2020 so no need to get too greedy this early. I’m giving it some room until we see what the Donald does this Saturday with the Iran nuke agreement. Can always roll it back in and down…


Rolled ERX MAY 11 2018 37.5 Calls to MAY 25 2018 39.0 Calls @ .15 credit


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Trying to squeeze out another double dip…

Bought to Close EWW MAY 18 2018 52.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .35)

Sold EWW MAY 18 2018 49.5 Calls @ .36