Catching Up on Monday

Out all day for a golf outing. Weather great. golf needs improvement.

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 5/18 2750/2725 BECS at 10.50 STO at 2.70
$TSLA BTC 5/18 350/340 BECS at .05 STO at .90
$GOOGL BTC 5/18 1047.50/1055 BUPS at .10 STO at 2.60
$AAPL STC 6/15 165/180 BUCS at 14.00 BTO at 6.25
$NFLX BTC 5/18 300/310 BUPS at .30 STO at 1.95 Closed half of position

$SPLK BTC 6/1 110 call and STO 8/17 120 call for 1.30 debit. Gained $10 on call price but stock spelunked

$SPX STO 6/15 2585/2610 BUPS at 1.65 Thank you @jeffcp66

#earnings #shortstrangles
$A STO 65/75 strangle at .78 Thank you @jeffcp66 Put side will need watching

Directional tweak to #pietrades. Less…

Directional tweak to #pietrades. Less adjusting, faster and larger profits. Not going full directional but I am using a 4 hour chart with all my technical indicators to improve the probability of the trade working out. 4 hour charts seem to predict the next week expiration fairly well.

Example below is of IBB. I sold the 104.5 put for 1.15 on Friday. If you notice, it was coming off support and had just signaled a buy signal, confirmed on 3 indicators. Not that they can’t be wrong but they are fairly accurate. Perfect time for a close to the money or even ITM put sale. In retrespect I should have sold ATM.


The second chart is MAR which I sold a put on today. Normally a chart like this I would sell an ITM CC with the expectation that it would pull back. I could then roll the call to the next week for additional income. Today I had exactly 8 minutes for lunch and it was quicker to sell the put. So my logic is that it will pull back a few points but looking ahead to next week if assigned at 139 = 137.90 cost basis, I can immediately sell the 138 call for 1.75-1.9 for 4 DTE or 2.35-2.55 for 11 DTE to gain additional cash and dropping cost basis another 1-2 points. Sometimes by looking a week or 2 ahead you can see in advance how to manage the trade if it ends up ITM. My hip is to be just barely assigned, then roll to CC until called away. Then rinse and repeat.


5/14 Trades

Happy Monday everyone!
AMZN: #PieTrades sold May 18 1600 put for $11.15 (last week received full profit of $1071 on a CC)
CVX: Daddy loves his dividends. Bought him some shares for 5/17 $1.12 div this week (@130.23) sold May 25 133 call for .41, will watch to be sure I stay out of the danger zone on the short call w/ div this week. Playing oil shares for div’s has bit me in the past, but he just really really loves dividends, much as I try to explain reality to him.
TSLA: Added @fuzzballl ‘s trade to balance out the short I have on it (Jan 2020 290/390 bull spread with June 1 310 short call). So much drama envelopes this stock, having both sides on sounds good to me. TSLA is like that famous “Daughter/Sister/Daughter/Sister” scene from Chinatown. $100, no $500, no $100, no $500. 🙂
BABA: 1×2 spreads for this week closed for 70-95% profit, added naked puts for friday 197.5 strike for 1.91 cr for #pietrades assignment
GRUB: A top IBD stock, sold puts for Friday 101 strike @ 1.50 cr for #pietrades assignment
MU: Added a new Fuzzy: Jan 19 55/55/47 @3.69, May 18 55.5 call @
SEDG: IBD50 new #1, closed ITM naked puts from last week for 82% profit. It only has monthlies.
SPY: A bunch of 1×2 put spreads closed at the open for 70-80% profit. Added in a few Wed naked puts for #Pie assignment. 273-274 strikes for .71-1.09.

That’s about it for today

Afternoon all Catching up with…

Afternoon all Catching up with positing. #Pietrades, #Leaps,
Bought to close my SQ 54 Put for 0.87. Originally sold for .95 on 5/10. Tried to sell a 53 Put at 0.55 but no dice. Try
again tomorrow. I felt the 54 Put was too high and I wanted a lower strike in case this pulls back more.
Created a covered call on ROKU in a back-ass-ward way. Meant to sell a MU call and had ROKU loaded (Hey they both end in U). So sold ROKU 37 Call @ .68 and followed this by underpinning (Is that the opposite of covering) with stock at 36.39.
Did get the MU May 18th 54.50 call sold for .50.
BTC my ERX May 18th 38 Put @ .30. Originally sold for .88 on 5/09. Will look to reload.
AAOI Sold to open May 18th 31.50 Put @ .50
Sold ERX May 42 Call for .45
Sold QQQ May 18th 172 Call @ .40.
BTC SVXY May 18th 13 Calls @ .46. No premium or clear way to manage this with weeklies.
And that’s all the damage for one day. Have a great evening.

TQQQ & SQ rolls

#LongLEAPs Closed $TQQQ June 1st 170 #SyntheticCoveredCall for 6.00. Sold in a #StrangleRoll on May 9th.
Sold $TQQQ June 8th 157.5/177.5 strangle for 6.30.

Closed $SQ June 8th 56 call for 1.60. Sold for 1.88 last Thursday. Will wait to roll on the next move up.

#shortcallspreads #rolling TSLA Closed May…

#shortcallspreads #rolling TSLA
Closed May 18, 300/315 rolled call spread, made $39. I had a couple chances over the last 2 weeks to close, held out for more, settled for less but salvaged a small gain as TSLA drops.


#BearCallSpreads – Starting to run low on inventory…

Bought to Close UVXY JUN 15 2018 25.0/35.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .06 (sold for .81)

EDIT…just noticed only a partial fill on this lot.