Afternoon all Catching up with…

Afternoon all Catching up with positing. #Pietrades, #Leaps,
Bought to close my SQ 54 Put for 0.87. Originally sold for .95 on 5/10. Tried to sell a 53 Put at 0.55 but no dice. Try
again tomorrow. I felt the 54 Put was too high and I wanted a lower strike in case this pulls back more.
Created a covered call on ROKU in a back-ass-ward way. Meant to sell a MU call and had ROKU loaded (Hey they both end in U). So sold ROKU 37 Call @ .68 and followed this by underpinning (Is that the opposite of covering) with stock at 36.39.
Did get the MU May 18th 54.50 call sold for .50.
BTC my ERX May 18th 38 Put @ .30. Originally sold for .88 on 5/09. Will look to reload.
AAOI Sold to open May 18th 31.50 Put @ .50
Sold ERX May 42 Call for .45
Sold QQQ May 18th 172 Call @ .40.
BTC SVXY May 18th 13 Calls @ .46. No premium or clear way to manage this with weeklies.
And that’s all the damage for one day. Have a great evening.