AMZN Long Calls / SPX Campaign / SQ Rolling

$AMZN BTO 7/20 1600/1630 BUCS at 16.35

$SPX STO 6/8 2625/2650 BUPS at 2.80
$SPX STO 6/22 2800/2775 BUPS at 2.50
$SPX STO 6/22 2595/2620 BUPS at 2.60
$SPX STO 6/15 2675/2700 BUPS at 7.60
$SPX STO 6/22 2550/2575 BUPS at 1.35 Thank you @jeffcp66 for all.

$SQ BTC 6/15 50 put and STO 6/15 55 put for .98 added credit

Afternoon all Playing a bit…

Afternoon all Playing a bit of catch up here
on Wednesday#spxcampaign
Last week I mucked up my SPX spread as I was needing to be away and closed the short June 15th 2800 call on the upswing. Originally sold for 2.30 and closed at 2.95. Oops. I resold the position today @ 1.15.
I was assigned FAS at 68 last Friday and sold June 1st 66 Calls against today for 0.42.
Covered my long Jan 2020 36 Call with June 1st 38.50 for .20.
I tried to do an early assignment of my measly 1 MU June 15th 50 long call as I wanted to sell most of the stock this morning but keep a few shares for a longer term position. The gods of ToS wouldn’t let me as it was not deemed economically the best thing to do. They suggested I sell the call and buy the stock. I wish their gods would intervene when I place a bad trade. Life would be so much better. Maybe they are right but I was under the impression I could think for myself and do my own trading. So I will wait for assignment and sell most of the stock before earnings. Hopefully it will still be profitable.
Catch everyone tomorrow.

May 29 Trades

Just two little trades today:
1. GRUB calls on #Fuzzy Leap decayed to .12 so rolled to Jun 15 106. Pocketed $800 in the roll, which is 5.1% of risk (Return on Risk) in 12 days.
2. TWTR #CoveredBackRatio Sep 30/33 12×8 @8.94 (Total risk = $8.94×400=$3,576). Sold June 8 34 calls @ .73, short call = 8.2% RoR. TWTR position is equal to $32.86 stock price, current price is $34.10.

SPY SHY TLT and the Golden Butterfly

#401k #LongStock – I tried following a long term plan (The Golden Butterfly) that would probably work but I’ve decided I can do just as well or better selling puts on imploding stocks so I’m dumping these sizable positions while they’re green. Unloaded SPY back on May 18th and now unloading the bond positions on this rally. Freeing up a ton of buying power…

Sold SHY stock @ 83.60 (bought for 83.51)…decent gain since it was a lot of shares…

Sold TLT stock @ 122.12 (bought for 120.74)


#ShortPuts #IRA – Starter position…

Sold ERX JAN 18 2019 25.0 Puts @ 2.02

New downside warning

#VIXIndicator… for perspective, when this happened on Feb 28th (another warning firing a few days after the previous one had been canceled), the SPX closed at 2713. We hit the low of 2553 on April 2nd, so a full month later. During that month, we also reached a high of 2801.


it seems -40/-50 becoming a norm. Now it is this: US announces timeline for 25% tariff on Chinese tech products