Expirations / Rolled SQ Puts / Closed A Puts Early

Full Profit

$SPX 2515/2540 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$NFLX 300/310 BUPS Closed half the trade on 5/14 Let this tranche expire. Goodness I was prudent!
$TSLA 240/250 BUPS
$URI 150/160 BUPS
$AMZN 1310/1360 Thank you @jsd501
$BA 300/310 BUPS
$SPX 2605/2630 Jeff
$RF 21 calls (Covered)
$NWL 28 call (Covered)
$CBOE 106 call (Covered) Called away. Kept it too long Basis 108.80
$A 75 call Earnings Trade Thank you @jeffcp66
$WYNN 172.5 put Call side of strangle closed earlier Thank you @fuzzballl
$MTCH 36 put
$MU 49 put

Todays Activity

$SQ 5/18 BTC 51 put and STO 6/15 50 put for extra .80. Rolls have taken in nearly 9.00 per contract
Closed Early
$A BTC 5/18 65 puts at .50 STO as earnings strangle for .39 Strangle was profitable in total. Thank you @jeffcp66

I was out all day. Everyone have a pleasant weekend.

5/18 #OptionExpiration Expired ROKU 36…

5/18 #OptionExpiration
ROKU 36 Calls
AAOI 31.5 Puts
QQQ 172 Call
NUGT 26.5 Puts
Have a great weekend all.

Options Expiration for May 18

$AGN 115 puts
$AGN 120 puts
$AGN 130 puts
$ALXN 90 puts
$CVS 55 puts
$REGN 280 puts
$CAT 140/130 BuPS

Taking a loss:
$COST 185/190/195 iron butterfly (put side had been rolled up–original trade was 170/175/190/195 iron condor). Total premium taken in 2.75/loss of 2.25.

Have a great weekend.


Loss on SPX Call & Put 1SD Debit spreads

BBBY finally closed #Fuzzy with a bad loss on this one. 1 stupid trade by me.

Have a great WE Guys…

Have a great WE Guys & Gals

Final trades and Options Expiration, 5/18/18

Sold $SPX June 14th 2795/2820 call spreads for 1.75
Sold $SPX May 31st 2650/2675/2750/2775 #CondorRoll for 6.70
#OptionsExpiration Expiring at full loss: Long 2770/2790 call spreads, bought for 1.29… Made a couple of profitable rounds with this spread but the remaining ones fizzled out.

#IronButterfly Sold to close $AMZN 1575/1600/1625 butterfly for .84. Bought for 2.95 on May 3rd.

#Earnings Closed remaining $A 65 puts for .75. Avg closing price: 1.10. Strangles (65/75) sold for .77 on Monday.
Closed $OLED May 18th 100 put for 5.70. Sold for 3.50 last week. In the hole on the rolls here… need to assess next week.

#VXXGame BTC $UVXY Jan 2019 70 call for .45. Sold for 6.50, avg price.
Expiring are long calls used as hedges, UVXY 40 calls (bought for .45) and 44 calls (bought for .21).
Expiring at full loss: a bunch of $VXX 30 puts, bought for the avg price of .12

#Assignment $AMAT 54.5 put, taking stock, will sell call next week. #PieTrades

Closing to avoid assignment

Bought to close $HOG May 18 42.50 puts @ .07 with the stock at 42.55.