Almost but not

#VIXIndicator Official close for the VIX (and LOD) was 12.65… .04 shy of canceling the warning. Not an exact science, so things looking strong for next week.


$FB 130/140 BUPS
$SPX 2475/2500 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there.

Have a restful loving weekend.

Afternoon all. Popping in here…

Afternoon all. Popping in here after the close. We just might get a functional bathroom today as the remodeling nears the end. Can you say relief! Its not that bad as we have a second but it has been disruptive.
Have a great weekend all. Summer has blasted into NC with a 90F day. Oh joy.
#OptionExpiration May 11th
MU 53 Call
NUGT 26 Put
FAS 63 Put

FAS 66 Call
SQ 51 Call


BTO Jun 8 187.5/185.00 Puts 1.03 #LongPutSpread
Looking for a pull back to exit

Have a great weekend y’all

Happy Mother’s Day


STO May 18 1565/1562.50 BuPS .34 #Bitty

Chipping away at SVXY

I have a ton of this, as many of us do. I abandoned the covered call strategy when Proshares cut its wings off and brought it down to -.5 from -1.0. Since then I’ve been selling UVXY calls (well mostly call spreads) and buying VXX put spreads to apply against all these positions. My first lot is coming off today as the basis for these was brought down to 11.74. Sold some SVXY @ 13.2438.

I have a long long long way to go but I want to get maybe 20-30% of these shares off the books before the end of the year. We’ll see.