#OptionsExpiration Here’s an early expiration…

Here’s an early expiration report. I’ve been thinking about @hcgdavis Chris’s #PieTrades ever since his first post. I never really got serious about them, despite being intrigued. I finally decided in the last few weeks that I absolutely needed to build a portfolio strategy and not just a trading strategy. What better way than his? Of course I probably don’t follow the rules straight down the line, but here’s a report for some Pie-like trades this week:
1. AMZN: On Wednesday when the stock was at 1600, I purchased 100 shares and sold ATM calls for $11.35. Assuming AMZN closes above 1600 today shares will be called away for total profit of $1071 in 3 days. I will sell an ATM put for next Friday at the close today. AMZN is inching down and might be shooting for a 1600 pin….it would be fun if the shares aren’t called and I can roll calls into next week.
2. CVX: Nice dividend next week, so I sold ITM puts last night for assignment. I sold $129 strike for .76, closed them this morning for 87% profit. With next week being div week, I will sell puts before Ex-Div to be virtually paid the dividend immediately.
3. IBM: I did the same div play mentioned above for CVX this week for IBM, sold the put priced with added div premium, could have taken 100% profit, but closed it yesterday for 80% profit. I already have 100 shares with calls sold for next week. The income stream on IBM from #Pie has completely covered the post-earnings decline in underlying.
4. NFLX: This will be my first assignment in a long time. Earlier this week I sold 1 $330 put for $3.10. It’s dancing in and out of profit today, but I’d like to take the shares and sell a juicy call for next week.
5. NVDA: I sold ITM puts at the open this morning and later covered them for 83% profit. I sold 257.5pfor next week @ 4.34.
6. SPY: I sold ITM (272) puts last night for either a scalp or assignment today. They were covered at 50% profit.
7. CRM: I sold ITM puts yesterday ($131) for assignment, I will seek 70% profit on those today or assignment.
8. MA: I sold several puts on MA this week and took 70% profit, but I’ve got 190 (@.94) and 192.5 (@1.60) lined up for next Friday.
9. I’ve got 1×2 spreads on for next week on BABA and LMT. In a choppier market I like the idea of 1×2’s for a wider downside range. But in an uptrend, straight naked puts are better for higher premium collection.

It’s just in my blood to cover these puts at a 70%+ profit level vs. taking the shares, even when I know it may be more lucrative to get the shares and sell the call side. I’m progressing! BTW I’ve started using IBD scores to find my #Pie candidates. Of all the stocks listed above probably IBM, CVX, LMT are the weakest in regards to IBD scoring.

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