Short Puts AMZN / Long Calls $SPX

$AMZN STO 7/20 1600/1620 BUPS at 9.75

$SPX BTO 6/16 2800/2825 BUCS at 1.00 Thank you @jeffcp66


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Late fill…

Bought to Close NVDA MAY 25 2018 255.0 Calls @ .10 (sold for 2.59)

Sold NVDA JUN 8 2018 255.0 Calls @ 2.90

5/24 Trades

BA: This is a put diagonal that I have, I rolled puts from May 25 to June 1 and added an extra short put, collected $161 for the roll

BA in a diff account: Added a #CoveredBackRatio. @MamaCash has now dubbed these “Cobras” (from CBR). Nov 320/355 8×4, June 1 360 call @2.76, Stock cost basis is $352.83.

NTNX and VEEV: Closed both of these positions in advance of earnings, netting about $482 exclusive of previous rolls

IWM: Rolled calls from Jun 1 to Jun 8, the Jun 1’s didn’t have any juice left. Netted $150 on the roll

The only thing left for tomorrow is NFLX (share call), CRM (pennies away from share call, ER next week), IBM (roll)
Of the $11,613 in sold-premium that I started with for the week, it looks like $8,587 will be my realized amount.

Two down, one to go

#VIXIndicator Another somewhat volatile day capped with a plunging VIX. That’s two consecutive days below the Fib 78.6% line… if it happens again tomorrow we shall be entering next week with an Upside Warning.

WHR downdraft

Adding to my put ladder
Sold $WHR Dec 21 110 puts @ 1.40

SPX trades

Closed $SPX May 25th 2700/2675 put spreads for .45. Sold as a #ReverseRoll for 7.60 on May 10th.
Sold $SPX June 22nd 2620/2595 put spreads for 1.70.
Sold $SPX June 15th 2700/2675 put spreads for 5.25.

#shortstrangles ROKU Sold June 15,…

#shortstrangles ROKU

Sold June 15, 32/40 for 1.05, TastyTrade/@Fuzzball idea