Short Puts NFLX

$NFLX STO 6/15 310/320 BUPS for 2.00

Gush dump

#ContangoETFs Closed $GUSH Dec 46 call for 9.90. Sold on Apr 4th for 4.00.
Order filled on the way down, and then it dropped a lot more. Using a #StrangleRoll on this… it’s quite doubtful that both of these strikes will expire, but I’ll take the premium now and deal with any breaches later.
Sold GUSH Dec 32/57 strangle for 10.55.

FXE strangle

Borrowing an idea from Tastytrade. I saw a segment where they talked about currency options and that FXE in particular, while having a low nominal IV, had an IV rank of above 60. It’s probably one of those trades that won’t make you a lot of money, at least from a ROC % angle, but won’t kill you either because the underlying typically doesn’t have huge moves (as a %). Currencies are also relatively uncorrelated with the major averages so there’s the diversification angle. Because of the low premiums you have to sell very tight strangles (or straddles) to get anything. Putting this one on for July and will watch it closely.
Sold $FXE Jul 113/114 strangle @ 2.14 with FXE at 113.13. Breakevens are 110.86 and 116.14.

#shortcallspreads #shortputspread TSLA WYNN bought…

#shortcallspreads #shortputspread TSLA WYNN
bought June 15 TSLA 320/330 for .46, sold for 1.00 yesterday
bought June 15 WYNN 170/180 put spread for .66, sold for 1.42 May 15


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Jumping back in here. Buying 10 but only selling 8 to eliminate upside risk…still plenty of time to get it all back only selling 8 weeklies.

Bought 10 EWZ JAN 17 2020 40.0 Calls @ 5.80

Sold 8 EWZ JUN 1 2018 40.5 Calls @ .40

Payoff by Jan 2019 and Jan 2020 is .16/.06 (selling 10)
Payoff by Jan 2019 and Jan 2020 is .20/.08 (selling 8)


Starting small #pietrade STO 25May 42.5 put for 0.55 with ERX at 43.07

Short Puts TRTN

$TRTN STO 6/15 35 puts at .90 Add on to @thomberg1201 10/19 40 covered call position.