Short Puts ANET / SPX Campaign / Roll MZOR / Closed NFLX

$ANET STO 5/18 230/240 BUPS at .75 Thank you @thomberg1201

$SPX STO 6/15 2835/2810 BECS at 1.65 Thank you @jeffcp66

$LABU BTC 5/18 83 call and STO 6/1 88.5 call at 1.00 debit (gained potential 5.5 points if called. Current price 91.90)
$MZOR BTC 5/18 70 put and STO 6/15 70 put at .70 added credit Now if the stock could start rolling upwards. Good thing that all these rolls are keeping me from gathering moss. (Sorry)

Closed Early
$NFLX STC 5/18 300/320 BUCS at 19.50 BTO on 4/9 at 8.40 But I did bite my nails on occasion.


Sold to Open $TGT June 15 77.50 puts @ 4.00. If assigned CB 73.60, shares selling at 74.96ish also take 3.31%, .62 div.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Another week…

Bought to Close NOC MAY 18 2018 330.0 Calls @ .20 (sold for 2.30)

Sold NOC MAY 25 2018 327.5 Calls @ 1.80

Adding another GUSH

Sold $GUSH Sep 21 57 call @ 2.50. Highest strike.

#earlyassignment #coveredcalls TLT Assigned on…

#earlyassignment #coveredcalls TLT

Assigned on a May/June 121 put calendar, sold the June put, then sold a June 15, 120 call, cost basis of 116.94.

May 16 SPY Put Roll

I had a lot of 273 naked puts for today’s expiration (BTW, I love using Wed expiration for assignments so I don’t have to wait for over a weekend to hedge in 401K accounts. In non-401K I will sell calls in advance of assignment but you can’t do that in 401K accts). I was able to cover my puts for 25% profit today, then I flipped them to #BigLizard trades.
SPY May 23 -272.5p/-272.5c/+273.5c for 2.03 cr. Doing a Lizard brought in 25% extra premium vs. doing an ATM put only. Break even is 270.47 on these.

It looks like I will get an assignment on $274 SPY shares. Rather than sell calls-only against that position, I will explore a reverse Jade Lizard to bring in some put revenue, similar to a covered strangle, but less risk. I’ll update this after the close.



Calls sold

#Earnings #Rolling Sold $OLED June 15th 110 call for 1.95
#CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign Sold $SQ June 15th 60 call for 1.40