SQ #ShortPuts Sold May 18th…

SQ #ShortPuts Sold May 18th 54 Puts @ 0.95 when SQ was at 54.81. AH doesn’t look promising though.

3-of-5, got it!

Today we achieved 3-of-5 bars in SPX with a greater than 1-standard deviation up move. As a reminder, at the end of last year I began looking for patterns on standard deviation pricing for crash probability. I found a rolling score of 6-8 1SD up moves in a rolling month began to prescribe danger (manic buying). After our Feb crash I went back to 1987 looking again for a pattern that historically would lead us out of post-crash chop into a fresh trend. I found that 3-in-5 consecutive bars with a 1SD up move was the right pattern for which to watch. It’s taken a long time to get here, now it’s time to prove it out.
I have a mix of 1×2 put spreads, fuzzies, and naked puts sprinkled around to take advantage of, what I hope is, a fresh bull trend.



Rally time?

#Market SPX daily squeeze fired long, and 3 of the last 5 closes were over 1 SD. That’s two out of three signals that the rally will continue… #VIXIndicator didn’t quite make it low enough.

#putspreads NFLX ANET Closed these…

#putspreads NFLX ANET

Closed these put spreads making about 2/3 from each, NFLX, May 18, ANET June 15.

#earnings #shortstrangles YELP Sold June…

#earnings #shortstrangles YELP

Sold June 15 41/55 for 1.40. YELP can move big, currently hovering around 48.

#shortputs SIG Sold June 8,…

#shortputs SIG

Sold June 8, 35 put for 1.17, earnings are June 6, premium seems elevated for the June 8 expiration. currently at 38.42


BTC 63,63,61 Fuzzy and made a small profit after it was all said and done. There is not enough liquidity in that one for me.