#LongCalls #LEAPS – A lot of rolling this morning. Out to July for the ones deep in the money. Others not quite so far. Some small debits but no problem with all the premium received so far. On the bright side most of these are trading above the LEAP strike so most of these calls are similar to trailing stops giving some downside protection. On a big pullback these could easily be rolled back in and down.

CELG: May 18th 85.5 to May 25th 86.5 @ .13 credit (nearing end of life so will roll any time it’s near the money)
FAS: May 18th 64.5 to Jun 15th 66.0 @ even
FAS: May 18th 64.5 to Jul 20th 68.0 @ .02 credit
OLED: May18th 96.0 to Jun 8th 100.0 @ .15 debit
ROKU: May 18th 35.5 to Jun 1st 37.0 @ .06 credit (I’ll look to book it if it reaches zero deltas again)
SMH: May 18th 99.5 to Jul 20th 102.0 @ .13 debit
TNA: May 18th 71.0 to Jul 20th 75.0 @ .28 debit
TQQQ: May 18th 152.0 to Jun 15th 156.0 @ .16 debit
XBI: May 18th 88.0 to Jun 22nd 90.0 @ even
XLY: May 18th 103.5 to Jun 8th 104.5 @ .02 credit

FB: Playing the Jan 2019 calls and puts on this one. Stock has rallied and I’ve sold puts all the way up nearly covering the put LEAPS already. Of course the call side has been struggling. It was 160 long LEAPS against 162.5 short calls next week. I’d like to get the call side back in the game so I’m using my old strategy that worked when AMZN was going crazy to the upside.

Rolling the LEAP calls up for a credit and using that to roll the weekly calls up and out. Basically a wash but gets the short calls into a much more rollable position. Moved the LEAPS up 10 but only got the weeklies up 7.50 since I didn’t want to go out any further and wanted a credit.

Jan 2019 160.0 to Jan 2019 170.0 @ 7.17 credit


May 25th 162.5 to Jun 15th 170.0 @ 6.65 debit