Options Expiration / TSLA Short Calls

$SPX 2625/2650 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66

$YY 116 long calls expired worthless. Transaction was profitable since I sold 80% of position prior to earnings.

Thanks for a sharing week at our Bistro. Have an enjoyable, restful weekend.

#OptionExpiration #Coveredcalls FAS June 08th…

FAS June 08th 68 Calls Assigned. I’m letting this go and looking to re-enter at a lower strike via short puts.
DBX Expired June 8th 31 Calls
ROKU June 8th 37 Puts Expired

Have a great weekend all. Looks to a be a hot one here. Stay cool.

AMAT called sold

#PieTrades Not a great week for $AMAT…. last covered call got breached so I stopped it, but didn’t get a new one on before the drop.
Sold AMAT June 15th 51.5 call for .60

Hive a nice weekend

I am going to the gym, see everyone on Monday.

BAC #Coveredcalls Rolled my short…

BAC #Coveredcalls Rolled my short 30 call out and up a bit to June 15th 30.5 for .11 credit.

#shortputs YY SLD YY Jun29’18…

SLD YY Jun29’18 99 PUT 1.25
SLD YY Jun22’18 99 PUT 0.70


#LongCalls #LEAPS – A slow end to the week. Rolled most stuff earlier. One little trade…

Bought to Close OLED JUN 8 2018 100.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.00)

Sold OLED JUN 15 2018 99.5 Calls @ 1.20

On a side note…played golf last Friday and cost myself 4 figures in my TSLA roll. Out on a weekend motorcycle ride starting yesterday and just missed selling EWZ 35 and 40 ITM puts for the inevitable recovery. I still refuse to watch the market every day…but I might start! LOL

Happy weekend!

#coveredcallcampaign PBR PFE #fuzzy MCD…

#coveredcallcampaign PBR PFE #fuzzy MCD
TT idea, bought July 10 covered call for 8.90. stock 9.44, call .54
Tradewise covered call, I was called away a couple months ago, was a good thing, getting back in, 36.63 for the stock, .50 for the July, 37 call, 36.13
MCD, rolled June 15, 167 to July 20 170 for .20. I have long Sept. 160 call, short 160 put and long 155 put.


AMZN IC 2x Expire
NFLX IC Expire

YY roll

#Earnings #Rolling
BTC $YY June 8th 115 put for 5.25. Sold for 1.80 on Tuesday
Sold YY July 6th 110 put for 5.50. Moved down 5 points and got an extra .25.

Glad I wasn’t paying much attention on Tuesday or I probably would have sold more than one. I also got filled on a 110 for .85, trying to see if I can let that one expire.


Light day, rolled most of everything early in the week.

GM assigned yesterday at 37.5 CC. Cost basis was 37.72 but will take the small loss just to get out. $321 loss but was down 4 k at one point. Won’t #pietrade this again for a while.

AMAT pulled back a little so rolled the 50.5 cc to next week for 0.65 and dropped cost basis to 48.91. Have 1 other account still working back to even with cost basis of 52.39.

Everything else expires next week so will sit on my hands and let theta decay do it’s thing.

Have a great weekend!

Afternoon all. I set up…

Afternoon all. I set up my rolling orders this morning in case the boss finds things for me to do. First off. SIG #Shortputs Rolled my June 8th 54 Put out to June 15th 54 for 0.95 credit when SIG popped down to 54.83, dipping below WVAP around 11:25.

Jun 8 trades

Busy day here! Every single one of my #Saf-T trades is in the money for expiration, so I’m executing share calls and resets on them in multiple accounts.

LMT: I rolled into strength this morning, which means I rolled at the day’s high. This means that I didn’t collect a whole lot on the jun 8 calls ($222 of $1416) but I sold really high for next week, $2550 worth. If you recall, I’m now using LMT as a proxy to recover RTN losses (apples to apples in just one account). Last Friday the LMT-RTN was $-3858. Today it is $-3157. Gettin’ there.

My total premium sold for today was $14,894. It looks like I will collect $10,184 for a 68% retention.

I almost forgot my note-to-self about ETF divs next week and started a roll into next week. I quickly fixed that. All my SPY rolls are to Jun 13, the TQQQ rolls are to Jun 22, pretty far OTM.

Everyone have a fun and safe summer weekend! It’s been a great week for covered’s.

Oh…anyone in TWTR short calls….just keep an eye on extrinsic value, no action today necessary.

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SPX Campaign Close Early / BIDU Short Puts Closed Early

$SPX STC 6/15 2800/2825 BUCS at 2.80 BTO 5/24 at 1.01. Closed half of the position. Thank you @jeffcp66

$BIDU BTC 6/15 220/230 BUPS at .02 STO at 2.25

TWTR Short Put Closed Early

$TWTR BTC 7/20 31 puts at .10 STO 5/22 for 1.12

AAPL put

I know this is a strategy for selling calls against stock, but my love for #ShortStrangles makes me want to take advantage of weakness…

Sold $AAPL July 6th 185 put for 1.70. Already long stock and short calls at 195 and 197.5.


Sold $FSLR Jul 20 50 puts @ 1.30

#spycampaign update from yesterday’s 2785/2795…

update from yesterday’s 2785/2795 June 08 BeCS – quite a scare early in day as price approached 2780. Luckily, in this case, prices reversed and I closed at an adequate profit: sold 1.80 buy 1.20, 0.95; also added 2780/2790, sold 2.55, 1.55 buy 1.80, 1.70 glad to get out on that last portion.
As prices dropped I added BuPS 2760/2750 sold 3.10, 1.45 buy 2.70, 1.35 again glad to get out even.
Anxious to see what today holds.