Options Expiration / TSLA Short Calls

$SPX 2625/2650 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66

$YY 116 long calls expired worthless. Transaction was profitable since I sold 80% of position prior to earnings.

Thanks for a sharing week at our Bistro. Have an enjoyable, restful weekend.

#OptionExpiration #Coveredcalls FAS June 08th…

FAS June 08th 68 Calls Assigned. I’m letting this go and looking to re-enter at a lower strike via short puts.
DBX Expired June 8th 31 Calls
ROKU June 8th 37 Puts Expired

Have a great weekend all. Looks to a be a hot one here. Stay cool.

AMAT called sold

#PieTrades Not a great week for $AMAT…. last covered call got breached so I stopped it, but didn’t get a new one on before the drop.
Sold AMAT June 15th 51.5 call for .60

Hive a nice weekend

I am going to the gym, see everyone on Monday.

BAC #Coveredcalls Rolled my short…

BAC #Coveredcalls Rolled my short 30 call out and up a bit to June 15th 30.5 for .11 credit.

#shortputs YY SLD YY Jun29’18…

SLD YY Jun29’18 99 PUT 1.25
SLD YY Jun22’18 99 PUT 0.70


#LongCalls #LEAPS – A slow end to the week. Rolled most stuff earlier. One little trade…

Bought to Close OLED JUN 8 2018 100.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.00)

Sold OLED JUN 15 2018 99.5 Calls @ 1.20

On a side note…played golf last Friday and cost myself 4 figures in my TSLA roll. Out on a weekend motorcycle ride starting yesterday and just missed selling EWZ 35 and 40 ITM puts for the inevitable recovery. I still refuse to watch the market every day…but I might start! LOL

Happy weekend!