#optionexpiration Afternoon all. Hot one…

#optionexpiration Afternoon all. Hot one today with temps in the 90s. Summer is here.
NUGT 26 Calls
TWTR 34 Puts
FAS I put a .05 closing order on my 66 short calls before I headed out this morning. These were filled about 3:15 when FAS was at 65.62.
Have a great weekend all.

#rolling #shortputs T rolled June…

#rolling #shortputs T
rolled June 15, 34 put to July for .62, now have a short 33 and short 34 with T around 32. Ex div will likely be the first week of July, might be rolling again.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX June 29th 2610/2585 put spreads for 1.55.

Stopped SPX June 15th 2735/2760 call spreads for 11.45. Sold as a #ReverseRoll for 4.40 on Tuesday.
Looking to roll into a condor.


SQ trades

#PieTrades Sold $SQ June 22nd 61.5 #syntheticcoveredcalls for 1.40

#CoveredCallCampaign #CoveredCalls
BTC SQ June 15th 60 call for 1.41. Sold for 1.40 on May 16th
Sold SQ June 29th 57.5 put for 1.50
Sold SQ July 6th 63 covered call for 1.40

Expiration Early But Grandchildren Call

$SPX 2465/2490 BUPS
$SPX 2425/2450 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66 for both

SQ Roll

$SQ BTC 6/15 55 put and STO 6/15 58.5 put at additional .75 credit.

#fallingknife ANF down 9%


ANF down 9%