Assigned ERX last Friday 5/25 with CB of $41.95…
5/29 STO 6/1 38 call at $0.35 with ERX at 36.36. CB now $41.60.
5/31 rolled 6/1 38 call out to 6/8 38 call for $0.65 credit with ERX at 38.51. CB now $40.95.

Is there any way in…

Is there any way in TOS to scan for price changes on stocks during after hours?
Is there such function in Interactive Brokers platform?

Hello Everyone, I have a…

Hello Everyone,

I have a general question about putting together an equity portfolio. After speaking with several investment advisors, I realized that all of them have a very limited understanding of using options as investment strategy. They understand ETF’s and stocks, but that’s about it.

This portfolio is separate from the rest of the investments, so allocation for bonds, etc.. is not an issue.

Most portfolio ideas are around proper allocation between stocks, using high quality companies and dividend payers. Well, many dividend aristocrats have a nasty looking charts, like PG and JNJ. Also, the market is at the high level at this point for many stocks.

If you would be starting a new portfolio, what would you do?


  • Value 100K (to make it simple)
  • Time horizon 10+ years
  • Preferably low maintenance portfolio, because of limited time for monitoring.
  • Would you use ETF’s, stocks (growth or dividends), options or a mix of everything?
  • I am thinking of PIEtrades as a starting point.
  • How would you allocate the funds?

All opinions are welcome.

#fuzzies, #pietrades


#LongPuts #LongCalls #LongLEAPStraddles – Like Sue, I’m playing this from both sides as well. Late fill here while I was out riding the motorcycle during the close. Great day here in STL!

Bought to Close TSLA JUN 1 2018 292.5 Calls @ .25 (sold for 9.15)

I’ll be looking tomorrow to reset this and address my 292.5 short puts. A nice big morning gap up would help but I have my doubts….now that Teslas are starting up by themselves and then taking off and crashing into stuff. I hate to laugh but it’s almost getting comical. Can’t wait to see what Grasso has to say. He’s been buying the dip since 310 I think.

SPX puts closed

#SPXcampaign Don’t want to leave this risk out there with VIX moving higher.
Closed $SPX June 1st 2675/2650 put spreads for .70. Sold for 4.40 on May 10th as a #ReverseRoll.

AAOI up 15% today

Strong into the weakness. Trading at the high of the day 46.72. Up 40% in the last 6 trading days.

#shortputs TRTN TRTN down 1.00…

#shortputs TRTN
TRTN down 1.00 on light volume, it is ex-div today


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Interesting characteristic I’ve noticed about these risk analysis charts….this one is AMBA where I’m evaluating my options for next week (earnings).

If you change the strike price on the next sale the entire curve moves vertically up and and down with no change in the curve itself. The big factor for changing the chart is the number of weeklies sold. TOS is great for setting this up and then manipulating the numbers on the potential trades and seeing the exact effect.

These 3 charts are selling 3, 4, or 5, against a 5 lot with no change in strike price…




#earnings (not really) #shortputspread LULU…

#earnings (not really) #shortputspread LULU
Trying something, Sold Sept. 80/90 put spread for 1.69. If it goes up as it has been, I’ll take a quick .50 or so, similar to the June 15 80/90.

FB call roll

#CoveredCallCampaign Closed $FB June 8th 190 call for 3.60. Sold for 2.75 on May 10th.
Sold June 29th 185 put for 2.00. Will sell a call at new highs.