BABA SQ X WYNN Short Puts / MDT Long Calls Close Early

$BABA STO 6/15 195/202.5 BUPS at 2.08 Added more contracts on Yahoo tender news.
$SQ STO 7/6 58 puts at 1.45 Thank you @jeffcp66
$X STO 6/15 37 put at 1.07 Thank you @jdietz1954
$WYNN STO 7/6 165/170 BUPS at 1.30

$MDT STC 6/15 82.50/87.50 BUCS at 4.25 BTO at 2.40 71% of max profit PLUS peace of mind. 😉

#shortputs AMAT sold July 20,…

#shortputs AMAT

sold July 20, 48 put for .81


TO January 2019, 80 puts @1.50

#shortputs T Closed July 33…

#shortputs T
Closed July 33 put and 34 put, the 34 had been rolled, small gains, being safe.

#shortputs SDRL Here is a…

#shortputs SDRL

Here is a fun little TastyTrade idea, pretty much the opposite of the creative strategies regularly discussed here.
Sold Jan. 2019, 1 put for .86, current price of SDRL is 46 cents, down 4% today, over 4 million shares traded today

Selling some premium in CAT

Near the top of the range and pulling back today.
Sold $CAT Jul 20 165/175 BeCS @ 1.25.

Forgot to hit the “Post”…

Forgot to hit the “Post” button earlier. X has since pulled back some. SIG is holding steady.
X #Shortputs Looking like it wants to push higher. Sold June 15th 37 Put @ .70.
SIG #Shortputs Everyone needs a bit of glitter. Break out day 2 after earnings. Pushed back above the 200dma. Sold 1 54 Put for tomorrow expiry @ .60. Looks like it might make a fair income position if it continues to hold up. Initial stop on the stock will be about 52 if assigned.