Stopped Out NFLX Calls / Short Puts NFLX / Closed Early TSLA Short Calls

Been on vacation and hard to keep up with market and all the members here. Probably should shut down while away.

Stopped out yesterday
$NFLX STC 7/20 340 calls at 67.45 BTO 5/23 for 21.
$NFLX STO 7/20 360/370 BUPS at 3.01
Closed Early
$TSLA BTC 7/20 BECS at 1.00 STO at 2.60 62% of max profit. Stock too volatile to hang onto


BTO NFLX 6 JUL 18 380/385 CALL @3.83 and BTO GOOGL 6 JUL 18 1100/1105 CALL @4.00. GTC orders in to close both at 4.70 #supercharger

#ShortPuts #PIETrade Sold June 29th…

#ShortPuts #PIETrade Sold June 29th 44 Put @ .46 when TWTR was at44.89.

Closing some positions

Bought to close:
$XEC Sep 21 70 puts @ .45–sold for 1.40-1.55 on 6/4-6/5
$SHW Sep 21 320 put @ 1.45–sold for 5.10 on 4/24


#ShortPuts #IRA – Sold T JAN 18 2019 30.0 Puts @ 1.59

Global Market in 1 click

#fallingknife FYI CAR is down…



CAR is down 9%

BABA roll

#CoveredCallCampaign Yesterday, Closed $BABA July 6th 190 put for 4.50. Sold for 1.20.
#StrangleRoll Sold July 20th 180 put for 2.88, and July 20th 202.5 call for 2.05.

MU movin’

#PieTrades Still short June 29th 59 put in $MU, sold last week for 1.28, now underwater. Will either take stock or roll.

In smaller accounts, today I sold June 29th 55 puts for 1.70.

Is it time to DUST again?

I haven’t entered a new position on this one in a long time. Just put this one on for Dec, small position.
Sold $DUST Dec 21 35 calls @ 1.60. Highest strike in Dec.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – More premium collecting. Rolled some short calls down in this week and sold next week in some others.

Bought to Close AMAT JUN 29 2018 50.0 Calls @ .03 (sold for .49)
Sold AMAT JUL 6 2018 48.5 Calls @ .41 (80 percent size)

Rolled 45.5 calls to next week 46 @ .10 credit

Rolled this week 67.5 calls down to 65 @ .45 and .41 credits

Rolled this week 112 calls down to 103 @ 1.05 credit

Bought to Close OLED JUN 29 2018 94.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.00)
Sold OLED JUL 6 2018 87.0 Calls @ 1.00


Travelin’ and tradin’

Yesterday… Woke up in my stepson’s college apartment in Eugene… we had to clean the place, donate or giveaway bunch of beat-up furniture, then drive home to Portland. So of course, the market decided to take a dump!

Stopped out of 3 $SPX put spreads, stayed in two others and sold 1 new one. #SPXcampaign
Stopped out of several puts from #CoveredCallCampaigns, and rolled a few of them out and down.

All in all, was not a day I could focus so pretty haphazard. We got another Warning, but often a secondary warning, especially only one, can signal a bottom. If we don’t get any more over next couple days, we’ll likely be rallying… we’ll have to get back to 2800 someday.

NFLX trade time?

@kathycon MamaCash — If I was looking at a #supercharger on $NFLX, would buying the July 6th 380/390 bull call spread for 6.75 be the right idea? How do you choose stop levels?