#vxxgame With the Vol getting…


With the Vol getting so low, is it a good time to buy some Leap calls in UVXY or VXX?

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Closed Early YY Calls and Short Puts RHT / Rolled LABU Calls

#Long Calls
Closed Half Early
$YY STC 6/8 116 calls at 6.93 BTO 6/1 at 4.78 Probably close the rest tomorrow before YY Earnings
Closed All Early
$RHT BTC 6/15 150/160 BUPS at .50 Achieved 74% of full profit

$LABU Rolled again BTC 6/15 89 calls and STO 6/15 98 calls at $6 debit. Gained $9 if called away. Fingers crossed



Afternoon all

#SPX Camapign closed the call side of my messed up June 15 IC. Tried to close the Put side but no takers yet.
#pietrades Sold June 8th 37 Puts @ .87 when TWTR was at 36.73
Sold FAS June 8th 68 Calls @ .60 against long stock
Sold NUGT June 15th 26 Calls @ .61 against long stock. I couldn’t get .30 for June 8th expiry but .61 for June 15th.
Dumped my SVXY LEAP 30 Calls @ .30. Time to cut the wish cord and more on.
Sold an AMZN June 8th 1605/1585 BuPS for 0.56.
Sold BAC June 8th 30 Call @ .08 against my stock. I was going to just close the position but decided to sell calls as the method. Might make a few coins before it is assigned.
And that is the whole story.
Have a great evening

SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign Stopped $SPX June 22nd 2800/2825 call spreads for 3.85. Sold for 1.80 last Wednesday.
I’m using a 4.00 stop on standard campaign call spreads, which this breached right after the open, so I got out on the pullback. I’ll consider how to roll tomorrow.

TQQQ Leap call sold

#LongLEAPs Sold $TQQQ Jan 2020 83.33 call for 6.30.

Today, as $QQQ just notched an all time closing high, you can see the TQQQ is about 5% below its highs. This is due to the compounding effects of a 3x leveraged product. The same force that drags NUGT, DUST, GUSH, DRIP, and others downward will drag on TQQQ. Because we’re in a long-term bull market, it is harder to see this force in the chart, but today’s high gives you a good snapshot when comparing to QQQ. Thus, I like selling farther out 83.33 call against my long 2020 50 calls. I just sold 1 today (against the 3 longs) and can add more at better prices or different strikes. I am ALSO still selling short term calls, so this will throw my deltas out of whack, but I’m really looking at each of the short calls separately and less at the full picture. Upside risk on a ContangoETF is not difficult to manage.


Rolled the June 8 210 calls to June 15, 212.5 calls for a .10 cent credit.