GOOGL 1132.5/1130 BuPS 27.00 Profit
AMZN 1682.50/1680 BuPS 32.50 Profit
AAPL Jul 20 195/190 BePS cost 2.44 closed for 3.60 TT Trade
. Took profit
TSLA Had 355/357.5 #supercharger cost 1.85 closed yesterday for .47 Loss 143.00
Still had profit for week.

All done on iPhone in hospital


$SPX 2595/2620 BUPs Thank you @jeffcp66
$NFLX 352.5/357.5 BUPS Thank you @kathycon I know I should have had profit target hit but NFLX zoomed and I extended my stay. Did close the BUCS part of the trade early.

Everyone have a great weekend. Lots of graduations going on. On that subject, I feel I am getting a PhD in trading following all the exotic (to me at least) opportunities. Now to put it to work. Thanks to all.

Have a nice weekend

See you back on Monday.

TWTR #Coveredcalls Looks to have…

TWTR #Coveredcalls Looks to have fought its way back up to try and pin at 46. Sold to open June 29th 47.50 call @ .50

#optionsexpiration #coveredcalls Well Good afternoon…

#optionsexpiration #coveredcalls
Well Good afternoon all. I’ve rolled or closed all my June 22nd options except these short 31 calls which will be assigned. I’ll make a bit on the stock gains so I’m letting these go and may reload later once it finds support.
Have a great weekend all.

Positive Vega Short Puts

STO SPX 8/17/18 2590 puts

BTO SPX 8/17/18 2570 puts

BTO SPX 8/17/18 1300 puts

1.25 credit.

5%+ on capital


#LongCalls – Almost a scratch…replacing this week’s expiration.

Sold CELG JUN 29 2018 81.0/85.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .34


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Replacing this week’s expiration. Selling 4×5 ratio…

Sold AMBA JUN 29 2018 44.0 Calls @ .67

ROKU #Shortputs Rolled my 46…

ROKU #Shortputs Rolled my 46 Puts out to June 29th 46 Put for .70 credit.

SGH Puts Sold

$SGH STO 7/20 40 puts at 5.50 Earnings were good but Brazilian currency weak. Business prospects appear good and their forward guidance was mostly positive. Viva la bounce is my thesis.


Joining Fuzzball. I need .17cents per week to pay for this over 82 weeks.

BTO January 2020 67 calls @ 13.734

STO July 6, 71.5 calls @.356

Closing WBA

An @optioniceman #FallingKnife trade from 5/8.
Bought to close $WBA Jul 20 57.50 puts @ .o8. Sold for 1.26.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Same as TQQQ. LEAPS sale price got hit so booking it. I’ll wait and see if weekly 67’s expire (it’s close). I’ve got FAS in three different accounts. I will definitely reset this one to be able to sell weeklies thru bank earnings.

Sold to Close FAS JAN 17 2020 62.0 Calls

All said and done booking 2.53 on a 5 lot. Had zero basis reduction in this one. Fought the short calls the entire time. Perfect time to reset…


#LongCalls #LEAPS – This thing is right up near all time highs and my short calls are (finally) out of trouble. The LEAPS roll up strateegery functioned perfectly here unlocking the profit by getting the short calls out of the way. I’ll take the weekend to decide what to do next….might jump right back in!…LOL

Part of the reason to close this is I had a wild price set to sell the LEAPS (about 75 cents above the mid) and it got filled so closed the short calls that were right ATM.

Sold to Close TQQQ JAN 17 2020 60.0 Calls
Bought to Close TQQQ JUN 22 2018 61.5 Calls

All said and done booking 2.40 per contract on a 10 lot. That’s the second round trip in this thing. Yearly gains pushing 6.00 in the ticker. It’s a fun one!

Closing PEP

In keeping with the theme of taking mostly profitable positions off months early, I bought to close $PEP Oct 19 85 puts @ .20. Sold for 1.26 on 5/9.
Besides, drinking that stuff is really bad for you.

Removing some NUGT risk

Position was probably oversized a bit so I decided to take it off and not wait another 7 months for the last .34.
Bought to close $NUGT Jan 18 2019 64 calls @.34. Sold for 3.65 on 12/26; 4.20 on 1/2; 4.20 on 1/12, 5.00 on 1/24.
My only remaining position in NUGT is a small position, short the Jan 2020 55 calls.
Looking to reload on this if there’s any real follow through to the move up in gold.

ROKU Sold Puts

$ROKU STO 6/29 46 puts at 2.10 Thank you @matt0311 for the idea.

SPX Campaign

$SPX STO 7/20 2860/2835 BECS at 2.00 Following the maestro @jeffcp66

Closed Better Late Than Never
$SPX BTC 6/22 2725/2750 BUPS at .98 STO at 2.35 on 6/15
$SPX BTC 6/22 2755/2780 BUPS at 14.35 STO at 6.20 on 6/11


#ShortPuts – Leftovers from an earnings trade. I’m booking it with DG up near a double top. Still long with 2019 LEAPS in another position.

Bought to Close DG JUL 13 2018 94.0 Puts @ .45 (sold for 1.95)


#LongLEAPStraddles – On the little bounce got the puts rolled and the new call sold. Unfortunately was very aggressive on the put sales but they are pretty easy to roll while storing some nice premium.

Rolled TSLA JUN 22 2018 367.5 Put to JUL 6 2018 360.0 Put @ .85 debit (total premium now 14.55)
Rolled TSLA JUN 22 2018 350.0 Put to JUN 29 2018 345.0 Put @ 1.90 credit (total premium now 10.45)

Selling against wide bear put spreads in 2020. To give it some more downside breathing room I’m closing one of the shorts in 2020 at a small profit. Will do the same on the call side if we pull back a little further.

Bought to Close TSLA JAN 17 2020 200.0 Put @ 29.60 (sold for 31.52) This becomes part of the basis now…

And finally:

Sold TSLA JUN 29 2018 360.0 Call @ 3.15


CPB–Taking off rolled position

On 5/30 I rolled out the June 37 puts to July (with the stock around 34). With the stock’s recovery I decided to take this off for a small overall profit after having been pretty in the red.
Bought to close $CPB Jul 20 37 puts @ .95
Loss on the June puts/rollout: (2.45)
Profit on the July puts: 2.60
Overall profit: .15

Closing CVS

I have 2 positions in Nov–short 50 puts and short 60 puts. Taking the 50s off 5 months early for over 70% of the profit.
Bought to close $CVS Nov 16 50 puts @ .32. Sold for 1.20 on 5/8.

#shortputspread ANET sold July 20,…

#shortputspread ANET

sold July 20, 240/250 for 1.25, ANET is down 8 today.

#supercharger still trying and making…

still trying and making experiences. Today experienced a failure. Opened a FDX trade on 6/20 with expiration 6/29 247,5/252.50 with stock price at 252.50, paid 3.11 with the intention to STC at 4.20. I was aware of being tight but looked for a bounce after the earnings. Today I STC for a 1.02 to prevent going over 2x loss. Not sure what went wrong in my selection, please comment

RHT falling knife

I lost a significant amount of money on a pre-ER trade in RHT. I opened an Unbalanced Diagonal to try to claw my way back to profit. The chart looks really broken so taking a risk here but hoping to collect some income along the way.
BTO Jul27 140c x3, STO Jun29 146c x2 @ 20.95

#Shortputs BTC my remaining MRVL…

#Shortputs BTC my remaining MRVL 22 Put @ 0.98. There is too little premium in the weekly calls to justify holding this position. The assignment fess will eat most of any potential profit now.

#pietrades FAS Rolled June 22…

#pietrades FAS
Rolled June 22 68 Puts out and down to June 29th 67 Puts for 0.61 credit

#shortputs #rolling KR AMAT KR…

#shortputs #rolling KR AMAT

KR bought July 20, 28 put for .31, sold March 13 for 2.82
AMAT rolled June 29, 54 put to July 20, 54 put for .10, AMAT is around 48, not being a very good friend

Selling Dec RHT puts on the post-earnings swoon

Sold $RHT Dec 21 100 puts @ 1.10


#LongLEAPStraddles – I’ll be rolling some puts and re-selling this call later today…

Bought to Close TSLA JUN 22 2018 370.0 Call @ .05 (sold for 3.00)

#pietrades ROKU rolled my Jun22…

ROKU rolled my Jun22 SP 46 to Jun29 and collected some much needed extra premium of 79 Cents

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX July 19th 2835/2860 call spreads (monthlys) for 1.90.


STC January 2020, 84.87 calls and BTC July 20, 86 calls for a credit of 18.30 and just wanted to reduce my exposure as well as take a profit 8.78 points. I decided that my exposure with the 115 calls in 2020 was enough.

June 22 TGIF!

SPX: The first trade I got off at the open was a new #UndieBear Aug 2785p x2 @52.00 Jun 29 2750p x -1 @ $10.80. No profit ceiling on a downside move.

CVX: Rolled calls into strength from jun 22 to jun 29, netted $330 on roll of 3 calls. Jun 29 126 @ 1.68.

IWM: I have a #Saf-T on this with short calls at 168.50…so dancing around the roll on this to get as much premium collection as I can.

LMT: The bulk of my calls were rolled on Wed, but I have two stragglers that I will let expire and sell new near the close (naked for an hour).

Oh, RHT: I got cute on the dive last night and bought 100 shares @ 150 expecting a snap back. So now I have a #CoveredCall . Sold Jun 29 $150 call for $1.10.

That’ll be about it for today.


IWM rolled Jun 22 168.5 to Jun 29 168 (went down, itm). Netted $494 on a 13-lot.

I ended up keeping 82% of premium sold for this week: Collected 17,917, kept 14,722.

Oh, almost forgot. The #Fundie maybe not so bueno. Rolled down calls for jun 29 on NVDA/ADBE/BABA to collect some add’l premium for next week. Kept same expiration.

GUSH higher

#ContangoETFs. $GUSH moving up in pre-market, above 40 again.

Russell Rebalance

Friday will likely be the year’s biggest stock market volume day with big action in Apple, JP Morgan –