GOOGL 1132.5/1130 BuPS 27.00 Profit
AMZN 1682.50/1680 BuPS 32.50 Profit
AAPL Jul 20 195/190 BePS cost 2.44 closed for 3.60 TT Trade
. Took profit
TSLA Had 355/357.5 #supercharger cost 1.85 closed yesterday for .47 Loss 143.00
Still had profit for week.

All done on iPhone in hospital


$SPX 2595/2620 BUPs Thank you @jeffcp66
$NFLX 352.5/357.5 BUPS Thank you @kathycon I know I should have had profit target hit but NFLX zoomed and I extended my stay. Did close the BUCS part of the trade early.

Everyone have a great weekend. Lots of graduations going on. On that subject, I feel I am getting a PhD in trading following all the exotic (to me at least) opportunities. Now to put it to work. Thanks to all.

Have a nice weekend

See you back on Monday.

TWTR #Coveredcalls Looks to have…

TWTR #Coveredcalls Looks to have fought its way back up to try and pin at 46. Sold to open June 29th 47.50 call @ .50

#optionsexpiration #coveredcalls Well Good afternoon…

#optionsexpiration #coveredcalls
Well Good afternoon all. I’ve rolled or closed all my June 22nd options except these short 31 calls which will be assigned. I’ll make a bit on the stock gains so I’m letting these go and may reload later once it finds support.
Have a great weekend all.

Positive Vega Short Puts

STO SPX 8/17/18 2590 puts

BTO SPX 8/17/18 2570 puts

BTO SPX 8/17/18 1300 puts

1.25 credit.

5%+ on capital


#LongCalls – Almost a scratch…replacing this week’s expiration.

Sold CELG JUN 29 2018 81.0/85.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .34