Market ends weakly, TQQQ calls sold

#Market #LEAPs Not a good end to the day… are we really surprised or freaked out by interest rates? Or is this market just not getting back through 2800 for the rest of the year? We are now in the fifth month of a market that cannot rally like we saw it do so often in 2016/2017. Stuck again in a Downside Warning that goes more up than down, but apparently means there is no follow through on rallies.

Missed fills on the bounce so got stuck selling calls near the lows. I don’t want to be stuck with short puts on this without selling calls as well.

Sold $TQQQ July 6th 64 calls for 1.35.

#fw-reversal-warning, #vixindicator


STO January 20 puts @.90 with the stock at 24.14, hat tip to Mike.

#shortputs ECA Bought July 20,…

#shortputs ECA

Bought July 20, 12 put for .33, sold June 6 for .65, stock at 12.88

WDAY 3×2 #unbalanceddiagonal Want more…

#unbalanceddiagonal WDAY 3×2

Want some exposure to financial services and like WDAY chart. Oops! WDAY is in the software industry/tech sector. Thanks, @smasty160
WDAY 3×2 +Jul27 124/-Jun22 128 call ratio @ 17.20

BA Box #supercharger Opening a…

#supercharger BA Box debit and credit spreads

Opening a BA box supercharger on today’s pullback. Support at 360 based 21 daily ema.
BTO BA Jun22 355/360 call spread @ 3.65. GTC order to sell @ 4.70
STO BA Jun22 360/355 put spread @ 1.15. GTC order to buy back @ .20

AMZN #Spreads Closed my June…

AMZN #Spreads Closed my June 22nd 1585/1605 BuPS for .35 with AMZN at 1709.93 just before the FOMC announcement came out. Opened this Monday for 1.05.

Fed Raises Rates