Supercharger lineup



A year ago, I did a couple superchargers on AZO as part of a trading competition. I won the competition which was really cool but then I forgot about them. I didn’t know then that anyone else did them, much less that they had a name. A couple weeks ago @hcgdavis mentioned that he was using superchargers in a small account. When I looked at the setup, I recognized it immediately. After a little research, I decided to make superchargers a staple in my smaller accounts. This setup allows me to trade the high flyers with minimal risk. Last week, several winners closed. No losers yet. Yesterday, BABA, BIDU, and NFLX closed for target profit. I open GTC orders to close these at $2.35 on 2.5 wide spreads, $4.70 on 5w spreads and $9.40 on 10w spreads. Profit varies but it’s typically 20-30%.

Here’s my current lineup of open trades:

ADBE Jun15 237.5c/242.5c @ 3.99×2 and 3.30×2

AMZN Jun15 1660c/1670c @ 7.85×1 and 7.10×1

GOOGL Jun15 1120c/1125c @ 3.96×1 and 3.61×1
GOOGL Jun15 1117.5c/1122.5c @ 3.59×2 (added these on the dip last week)

ISRG Jun15 472.5c/482.5c @7.65×2

ILMN Jun22 275c/280c @ 3.91×2

MSFT Jun22 97.5c/100c @1.91 x2

Thanks for bringing these to my attention, @hcgdavis.