#LongCalls #LEAPS – Small adjustment to get the weekly call sales a little more rollable. This does give up some downside protection but preserves the potential gains already in the LEAPS. Rolling LEAPS up to finance a rollup of the weekly calls. You could look at this as closing a winner and resetting but I still consider the same trade until completely closed.

I don’t do this often but it worked great in an AMZN position last year…

Rolled TQQQ JAN 17 2020 55.0 Calls to 60.0 Calls @ 2.50 credit
Rolled TQQQ JUN 22 2018 58.33 Calls to Jun 22 61.5 Calls @ 2.50 debit

Pocketed a little cash since the short calls were smaller size. Goal is to roll them again next week and hopefully out of trouble. Get rid of them eventually and get the full profit out of the LEAPS.