@jEFF Miracle of miracles, I’m…

@jEFF Miracle of miracles, I’m in OB. Thank you Jeff.

Trades / Options Expiration

$MZOR BTC 7/20 70 puts and STO 8/17 70 puts for .90 added credit. EArnings 8/6

$NVDA 265/285 BUCS Max Loss
$WYNN 170/175 BUPS Max Loss
$FB 180/190 BUPS
$NFLX 340/350 BUPS
$SPX 2600/2625 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$BA 325/335 BUPS Thank you @ramie77
$BABA 200 call
$TRTN 35 call (Covered)
$CLF 8 puts
$FEYE 18 calls (covered)
$TWTR 44 calls
$FSLR 50 puts
$TWTR 42 puts
$ALRM 37.5 puts
$KEM 24 puts

A little late but it is summer in the city. Have an enjoyable and restful Sunday.