Short Puts NFLX AVGO / Closed IWM Early

$NFLX STO 8/17 315/325 BUPS at 1.75 Thank you @ramie77
$NFLX STO 8/17 340/345 BUPS at 1.90
$NFLX STO 8/10 345/350 BUPS at 1.07
$AVGO STO 8/17 180/190 BUPS at 1.50

Closed Early
$IWM BTC 7/20 157/162 BUPS at .05 STO for 1.03

FYI Someone made a nice…

Someone made a nice profit
CLRB is up 885%

LMT recommendation from CML

Can you access this?

SPX roll

#SPXcampaign Can’t shake these SPX spreads before I leave. Doubling size and rolling to the same expiration on this one:

Stopped $SPX July 27th 2825/2850 call spreads for 6.50
Sold July 27th 2750/2775/2860/2885 #CondorRoll for 3.40, double position size.

Positive Vega Put Spread

18% of Allocation:

STO SPX 9/14/18 2640 puts

BTO SPX 9/14/18 2620 puts

BTO SPX 9/14/18 1300 puts

1.15 credit

#shortputspread #postearnings NFLX sold Oct….

#shortputspread #postearnings NFLX

sold Oct. 320/330 for 2.18, have a Sept. 350/360 sold July 12 that I was supposed to have been able to close today darn it.


Rolled long call deltas on some ratio trades down from 70-75 to 62-63 delta for credit.
DIA 1.47 credit
FAS 1.36 credit
SSO 1.50 credit
TQQQ 1.38 credit
XLY 1.51 credit
Collected $2166.