BTO Sep 21 119C 119/117 BuPS #Fuzzy 2.50
Thx MamaCash

Avoiding #earnings #rolling WDC July…

Avoiding #earnings #rolling #shortputs WDC

July 9, sold 76 put for 1.23, rolled to September, 75 put for .92, earnings are July 26, WDC down a little over a dollar to 75 and change today.

SPX Campaign

$SPX STO 8/3 2885/2860 BECS at 1.85

ROKU #Coveredcalls With ROKU down…

ROKU #Coveredcalls With ROKU down at the 20dma and possibly poised to go lower I bought to close my 7/27 50 calls @ .15, originally sold for 1.15 and sold the 7/27 46 calls @ 1.18. My original entry on the stock was 46 back on 6/30 from an assignment. I will probably take assignment here if it happens and look to sell Puts lower down on the food chain.

LABU roll

BTC August 10, 102 calls and STO August 17, 103 calls for a credit of .30 cents

Moving from ratios to fuzzies

Due to low IV, I’m moving to fuzzies for my core trades. On Friday, I closed my ratio trades: DIA FAS IWM PANW RHT SSO TQQQ TWTR XLY all for profit except TWTR. I was able to roll long call deltas down multiple times to collect income on most of these trades. It was a good run in July.

Opened new fuzzies yesterday, Aug24 expiration: DIA, IBB, IWM, QQQ, and SPY. Will reset these positions when core is double the debit paid.

Life is busy so not posting the specifics of all these trades. Most of you know the drill on income trades better than I do. Questions? Please ask.


BA Earnings

STO Sep 310 put @2.06 x5
BTO Sep 340/325 put debit spread @3.33 x1
BTO jul 27 330 p @ .44 x 3
This is a similar trade to LMT yesterday, but resolves the T+1 line drop. If there is a radical drop in BA the breakeven due to the extra Jul 27 puts is all the way down to 276, 23% down from spot.
I’m honestly not entirely sure how this will really play out…I’ll report on it!