Overnight trades

I leave you crazy kids for one day and the Market goes haywire?

I’ve never traded blind before, but it’s working out okay so far. Set up some covered call management before bed. Was woken up by heavy rain (typhoon coming) about 2am (11am Portland time) and made a couple of adjustments.

Sold $FB Aug 17th 190 #CoveredCalls for 2.06 and 192.5 calls for 1.70
Sold $MU Aug 3rd 55 covered call for .80
Rolled $AMAT July 27th 46.5 covered call to Aug 3rd 46.5, .33 credit
Sold $PYPL Aug 17th 91.5 #SyntheticCoveredCall for 1.50. Missed the fill on more.
BTC $GUSH Aug 17th 50 call for .25. Sold for 2.15 awhile back.

— Expiring —
FB 227.5 & 230 calls
— Assignment —
FB 197.5 and 200 puts

Have a great weekend y’all!

#earnings #ironcondor CAT

Late fill sold Sept. 21 125/130/155/160 for 1.49

Trades and Expirations

$AMZN STO 9/21 1720/1730 BUPS at 2.75

$EXAS BTC 7/27 68 put at 6.10 and STO 8/3 68 put at 7.10 Earnings 8/1

$FSLR 55 call (covered)
$FB 230 calls
$GOOGL 1105/1115 BUPS

Assigned DBX stock at 32. Basis 30.30
$SPOT 190/200 BUCS Got caught in crap part of gap and crap. Total loss. Must pay attention and set GTC profit targets.

Have a great weekend. All the beer talk has made me thirsty. @jeffcp66 enjoy the vacation. Climbing Mt Fuji
seems really cool. Is it a difficult climb?

AMZN iron condor

BTO 1900/1920 call spread for August 3

STO 1680/1700 put spread for August 3 for a total credit of 1.85


BTO Aug 17 202.5 Call STO Aug 10 205 Call .62 #postearnings
Thx MamaCash, I hope

INTC post-earnings

BTO Aug10 strangle 48.5c/46.5p @ 1.23


#ShortPuts – Re-loading a starter position.

Sold TQQQ DEC 21 2018 45.0 Put @ 2.61

I’ll be looking out to Jan at the 40 and lower strikes on any more weakness…