Afternoon all. I have been…

Afternoon all. I have been popping in and out and never could grab the time to post. So here is my summary for the day.
TWTR BTC July 6th 45.5 Calls @ .48 and .61 this morning. I will cover up later.
TWTR Sold to open July 13th 48 Call @ .55 Still have 1 to go. Tried the July 13th 48.50 @ .45. Didn’t get filled.
FAS Rolled July 6th 64 Calls out and up to July 13th 66 Calls for a .25 credit.
MU Rolled July 13 56 Call down and out to July 20th 55 Call for 0.72 credit..
DBX Sold July 13 33 Call @ .35
BAC Sold July 27th 29 Call @ .25
XOP BTC July 13th @ .30. Sold 7/3 @ .80
TQQQ July 06th 56 Put
DBX July 06th 34 Call
BAC July 06th 28.5 Call
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Getting some much needed rain here.

SPX Iron Condor

STO SPX 8/31/18 2560 puts
BTO SPX 8/31/18 2540 puts
STO SPX 8/31/18 2890 calls
BTO SPX 8/31/18 2910 calls
2.35 Credit

Introducing VXXB

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Jul06

#OptionsExpiration #Weekly #Jul06 – all covered calls this week. More fireworks next week with NFLX and TSLA spreads in play.

— Expirations —
CAH 07/06/2018 50.00 Covered Calls – the stock dipped below 50 in the last 15 minutes
DUST 07/06/2018 27.50 Covered Calls
SVXY 07/06/2018 14.00 Covered Calls

I will attempt to replace these next week.


BTC 6 JUL 18 187.5 CALL @.27..STO 6/28 @1.07..
STO 13 JUL 18 190 CALL @.75..timing not good on this sale…now trading for 1.00..:(

#shortputs #rolling NKTR It took…

#shortputs #rolling NKTR
It took all day but rolled July 20, 50 put to August for 2.00, a lot of premium for a 47 dollar stock, earnings Aug 6


Hi Everyone! Hope you’ve had a good week! This has been a rest and reset week for me. Ditching #Saf-T trades and back to #AtomicFuzzy for me. The atomics are good for higher vol environments. When vol drops back down below 13-14, then regular fuzzy will work.
Just wanted to pop in and say today will bring 2-of-5 1-standard deviation moves up. Looking for that 3rd. The last signal we got was May 10 and about a 95 pt rally ensued. Mon/Tue/Wed are all candidates for a signal.